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On Thursday, 2000-08-17, SBB and BLS informed about their intentions for cooperation. The two managements agreed the following:
  • SBB will take over long-distance passenger traffic from BLS. Already now, main planning tasks were by SBB, as there is no long-distance traffic exclusively on BLS. Rolling stock of BLS for long distance traffic is nearly identical to SBB cars. Color and seats are the only differencies. But it is to note, that BLS mark 4 cars roll only 14% on BLS and 86% on SBB (timetable 2000/01). On the other hand, many BLS-trains are composed of SBB cars.
  • BLS will take over all SBB S-Bahn trains in the Berne area. So S1 Thun - Bern - Freiburg/Laupen and S3 Thun - Belp - Bern - Biel will shift to BLS.
  • Freight will be in different units, SBB goes together with FS (CSI = Cargo Svizzera-Iatliana) and BLS is planning to erect a freight daughter, in which DB could participate (if they wanted...). They remain in competition but carload traffic within Switzerland is only offered by SBB, later by CSI.
  • Piggy back service on the Lötschberg route will be operated by BLS alone.
  • BLS keeps the auto transport through the Lötschberg tunnel (and Simplon, on occasions).
  • Infrastructure management is secured by SBB but maintenance and operations remain with SBB and BLS separately.
  • SBB wants to purchase 34% of BLS stock.
This means important changes in passenger service, small changes in freight and a better coordination in infrastructure. At least half a year of hard work for the BLS administration is needed before corporate structure can be changed. The new structure can be seen from the attachment of a separate posting, also sent to BahnCH. If anybody needs translation help, please tell me.
Markus Giger

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