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Keith Ballinger asked:
Does anyone know why RIGHT-hand running is used through Herisau station
instead of the normal Swiss LEFT-hand? This is consistent with all trains,
regardless of track occupancy.
Also, does anyone know of a source of track-plans for Bodensee-Toggenburg
stations - especially Herisau, Ebnat-Kappel, and Nesslau-Neu St. Johann?
The reason for right-hand running is quite simple:
Main traffic direction out of Herisau is towards St. Gallen. As BT wants to
offer a good service, the idea was, that the majority of departing
passengers can board the train on track 1, which is accessible directly from
the road as well as the station building (American: "depot"). In the
direction of St. Gallen, track 1 in Herisau is on the right hand. Trains to
Degersheim - Wattwil leave from track 3, track 2 is only used for arriving
trains and special trains as the famous steam-train "Amor-Express". This use
of tracks has been the same since 1976, when the subways were built.
I have hand-drawn track layouts of Herisau, Ebnat-Kappel and Nesslau-Neu St.
Joahnn and some other stations of about 1980, when I lived in that region.
They are not to scale. Would it help you? Please contact me off-list.
Markus Giger

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