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The Stadler GTW 2/6 family will get a new, very special member. BVZ Zermatt Bahn has ordered two cogwheel - GTW 4/8 for their Täsch - Zermatt shuttle. Täsch is the end of the road open to public. Only inhabitants of Zermatt may continue on the narrow road up to the parking at the entrance of the village. Guests take the train. To make it easy for them, it is possible to take the bagagge with them on a trolley.
The new GTW 4/8 will be similar in concept to existing bagagge-trolley-cars of BVZ and to GTW 2/6. Main difference is this: Instead of the two-axle motor car in the middle of a GTW 2/6, the GTW 4/8 or BDSeh 4/8 (as BVZ calls them) will have a four-axle cogwheel motor coach in the middle. The actual order contains two trains, two more could be ordered later. Financing is done with a leasing-agreement.
Markus Giger

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