Re: Thanks and more questions.

Bill Bolton

On Sun, 9 Jul 2006 10:43:27 -0400 (Eastern Standard Time), John wrote:

They are in Car 10 eastbound from Montreux and Car 11 westbound from
Zweisimmen. They can be reserved up to 3 months in advance online through and clicking on "Shop + Booking" and then "Seat- Reservation
online". Once you chose your date and train and put in your CC and details,
they will notify you by E-mail soon after. If space is available, they'll
E-mail you with a Confirmation attachment in PDF Format.
Thanks John.... I didn't know that!

There are diagrams showing the 8 VIP Seats on the same web site. I have
reserved all 8 of them for my group of 8 people in late September.
Today I put in a reservation for VIP seats for our trip from
Zweisimmen to Montreux in late September.... I hope its not the same



Bill Bolton
Sydney, Australia

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