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Jack Hankey" wrote:

I have for sale:
two SBB 2-10-0 Elephants, still in box.
one SBB AE 6/6 electric, with power from overheads or tracks.
Still in box.
Please contact:
Well, allow me the following explanations:
Outside Amerika, nobody would easily understand, what a "2-10-0 Elephant"
is. I counted and found out, that it must be a C 5/6, or more generally, a
1'E. The "Elephant" helped as well, as this is the nickname of the C 5/6.
The old Swiss system is simple: count the driver AXLES, then count all
The designation Ae 6/6 is of the same sort. But it does not show, whether it
is an F-coupled or a C'C' locomotive. Small letter e indicates electric, m
indicates motor (diesel or gazoline). A, B, C, D and R stand for different
speed limits. E is a tender steam locomotive or a shunter. G stands for
narrow gauge and H for cogwheel. Two special things:
- Tender locomotives have the speed limit indicated with small letters, e.g.
Eb 3/5
- Motor coaches carry A, B, C for 1st class, 2nd class or (ancient) 3rd
class, D (untill 1966 = F) for baggage. If they can run on cog lines, they
have a small "h".

Markus Giger

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