RhB Albula Autoverlad car carrier ( was Re: Snow in Filisur)


--- In SwissRail@yahoogroups.com, Adrian Senn <adrian@...> wrote:
In the official timetable of samedan i can't find this train in
direction Thusis.
You wouldn't because, as I said 08.50 is the last loading time, I'm
sure it must depart at 09.17. I notice on the Samedan departure sheet
that GEx 907 shows as depart 09.17 from platform 2C, and RE1128 is
depart 09.17 from platform 2AB. If 2C is at the 'back end' of the
train, and the car carriers do depart at 09.17, this would explain the
car carriers being tagged immediately behind the GEX coaches.

And in the timetable Thusis there is also nothing.
There would not be as that is a departure board and the car carriers
don't go beyond Thusis

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