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The Euro Cargo Rail Class 66s have French approval, does similar
apply, coming in from France? I don't think any are equipped for
Germany yet.
John is right!

This 66 comes from France.

It is a twice-weekly (usually) train carrying Fiat Scudo vans south
towards Italy (!...), as they are built by a company called Sevel in
Bouchain (Nord), France - near Valenciennes.

The train is a very good example of how open access freight is better
than the old protracted ways, as it does Bouchain (dep 07.30 ish) -
Basel RB (arr 18.40 ish) in one day, departing back north 19.00 ish
the next evening.

Sadly for me, it is a great example of how ECR has so easily managed
to take over French freight as Fret SNCF is so useless. It travels
over the traditional 'Britain - Switzerland' Tergnier - Chaumont -
Belfort line which was deprived of freight workings some years ago in
Fret SNCFs vain attempt to improve efficiency.
I have travelled to Europe (including watching freight on the
aforementioned line since age 1 as it parallels the route between my
family homes in UK and Geneva) for 40 years to see European trains,
not the same type of loco that no hauls virtually all freight in

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