Re: Language question II

George Raymond

We've already demonstrated that US English and UK English can be two
different things - Australian and NZ English (and sometimes even
Canadian) can be either a mixture or something completely different.

When you get to a place like India you find yet a another variations -
I keep on referring to the delightful use in a newspaper article
of "preponed" as in "the opening of the station was preponed" - this
took some thinking about but did make sense in its context.

English is a changing language - sometimes it changes very swifly.

Tony Bailey
I agree.

Even within a single large city, the suburban railways and the
metro/underground/subway system typically use different terminology.

The appropriate translation and term will always depend on the specific
context, including the specific aspect of the specific rail system are you
talking about and - just as importantly - your specific audience and their
language, country and level of knowledge on your subject.

But don't worry - if you take your time and do your best to be clear, people
who are interested will usually figure out what you're saying in any case.


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