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Multiple units are a type of Rail Car where more than one can be
coupled together to run as one train. Usually they are electric
powered. A railcar is more likely to be engine driven. There have
been very few multiple unit engine powered railcars in North
America (NA).
???? All Railcars have engines!!!! That's what makes them railcars.
Railcar is a very general term. Are you limiting the term to cars that
have an internal combustion engine or equivalent. Then what would you
call a car with electric motors receiving power from an outside
I would call it an electric railcar. The term railcar does not designate
only an internal combustion motor. It could be electric, diesel-electric
or diesel.

A multiple unit would refer to any consist which had more than one
basic element. This could refer to a trainset or to locomotives
pulling a rack of coaches or cars, if for that purpose the consist
is referred to as one train. So a Sante Fe train through the
Rockies with a F7 A-B-B-A lok consist would be referred to as
a MU.
No way. The locomotive is multiple unit but the train is not.
My point exactly. MU in this case refers to the locomotives and not to
the cars. A consist (rake) of two SBB Re 45o - B - AB - Bt Zuerich
Commuter (S-Bahn) trains would be a multiple unit (train).

This is my last comment on this thread. The Wikimedia discussion
appears to be Eurocentric and does not involve NA terms and

One last time:

An Emu is a bird, a rake is a gardening utensil, a triebwagen ist a
self-propelled railcar (electric or diesel), a trainset is a triebzug
and as Forrest Gump said in the movie, "that's all I have to say about

Mike C

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