Re: SOB to go FLIRT crazy.


The information that I had received was that the Flirts would be
replacing the BDe 576 Pendel trains on the Romanshorn-Luzern Route.
The Flirts will rotate with VAE alternating every 30 minutes on the
The RBDe 566 (NPZ and BT EMU) would be used for St. Gallen S-Bahn and
Waedenswil-Einsiedeln routes primarily.
I did not receive any information about traffic in the Toggenburg
(Watwil - Nesslau) nor on Rapperswil-Samstagern. I presume that some
traffic will continue to be handled by the reduced number of BDe 576
that will be kept in service.
I presume that this information will be updated around the schedule
change in December and will be listed on at around
that time.

Next question. If the BDe 574 are being withdrawn from service, what
is going to happen to the Steuerwagen? Will they be withdrawn as
well, or will a few of them be used with other services (VAE)?

I hope that they keep one of the trainsets in the original green and
beige livery (not the one with the green doors) as a historical

I imagine that with the changes over time at BBC and Oerlikon and the
closing of SLM, it must be getting harder and harder to find spare
parts to keep the older equipment (RBe, BDe, Re 4/4II, Re 6/6, etc)
in operating conditions. I can imagine that we can expect to see more
loks being pulled out of service to serve as spare parts reserve for
the rest of the fleet.


Mike C

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