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Hello Keith,

you can find photos of this lok at
or at

As far as it's current assignment, I do not have that information.
I woulg guess that by choosing a major hub, either Zuerich, Olten
orBern, you would have a better chance to locating that
locomotive. You may be able to find the exact schedule for that
lok by contacting the SBB at info@
From looking at that website (cheers for the link BTW) There are 2
phots of 460109 and the last one being 03/2006. As I haven't seen
it either maybe it has been in long term works? Has it been in a
crash? Maybe Markus, you know? Cheers for any information supplied.
I found a few additional shots of this lok in my collection. Most of
them are from the period 2004-2006. I noted that Markus put a post on
the German Group asking for photos of the lok from 2007.

I did find one photo that appears to be from December 2006


Mike C

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