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If someone (me) had about a half day later in December to ride the
trams .. which lines would you recommend for either interesting
scenery and
neighborhoods, or interesting tram operations?

I was in Vienna and Budapest a few weeks ago and found riding tram
lines was
a great way to get a feel for a city and how it's laid-out, and
like to do the
same in Zurich.


Bob Tomasko
Hello Bob

There are a few interesting tram routes in Zuerich. The first that I
would recommend is the run along Bahnhofstrasse from the station to
the lake. You can then go to Zentral and take the tram along the
Limmat back to the station.
There are a few routes going up the hills on the north side (Rami
Strasse or Schaffhauser Strasse) as well as lines going east and west.
You can check out the map at and the map of Zuerich at

The one to keep in mind is tram 14 from the Station to Bahnhof
Wiedikon. Get off there and walk south on the left side of the street
a few feet to Birmensdorfer Strasse 101, the home of Roundhouse Model
Well worth the detour.

There is also City Tours available on trams that will take you all
over the route. The Swiss Holiday Pass is available online and is
good for travel on the SBB and ZVV networks, including the trams,
buses and s-bahn.


Mike C

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