Re: EWS in Switzerland?


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Maybe because besides SNCF's own, there aren't many electric
locomotives around that are passed for running in France (and SNCF
probably not too keen on providing traction for their director
cometitor). A locomotive passed for France (both voltage systems),
Switzerland and Italy is an even rarer beast.

True, at the same time as not passing certain electric locso for use in
France, SNCF are cheekily 'winning' contracts to use SNCF Locos wholly
within other countries!

Whilst some of us have expressed annoyance that 66 diesels are already
running hideously long distances under the wires in France, French
enthusiasts don't seem worried as they are (misguidely?) excited by the
arrival of the 'anglais' as they call them as its something different -
they will not hear my please that in the end 66s become so woidesperead
that they become soooo boring....

Having said all the above, 66s have brought back freight to the Marne
valley line (Ligne 10 Tergnier - Chaumont - Dijon) which had been
diverted away via the much longer all electric route via Nancy

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