Re: EWS in Switzerland?


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The whole idea behind the class 92 was to have a loco that could
on the third rail DC so providing through trains from the French
chunnel terminal to, say, London, Newcastle or Liverpool. It's sad
this was never pushed through.

Yes it's even worse than you say. The Class 92s were intended to be
able to run from say Carlisle to Lille or Paris using 25kV everywhere
except London - to Folkestone on 750v 3rd Rail

Can you run from the Channel Tunnel to Muttenz without touch 1200V
DC without going via Paris?

Yes, without question. It would go via the Nord-Est route electrified
in 1954 (France's pioneering ac scheme). Route Calais - Lille -
Charleville - Metz or Nancy - Strasbourg - Basel - Muttenz


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