Re: EWS in Switzerland?


--- In, John Beaulieu <beaulieu@...> wrote:

The December issue of Today's Railways Europe reports the following
workings that bring Euro Cargo Rail Class 66s to Basel Muttenz Yd.

A train carrying Fiat Vans from Italy to Bouchain, France (no
frequency > given).

Frequency and detail of this train was in my message 9348:

Gordon, you may get your wish and avoid a plague of Class 66s in
France, only to see large fleets of Bombardier TRAXX electrics, you
may have to hone your spotting skills so that you can tell a
Bombardier F140AC1 from > a very similar F140MS2.
darn!! - although I'm sorry to say I don't pay a huge amount of
attention to the detail differences between the various modern 'Euro'

BTW Call me hypocritical, but whilst I prefer to see SNCFs
traditional diesels and LOVE watching and photting French diesel
hauled trains on non-electrified lines, I also prefer to see electric
haulage under the wires, not 66s !


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