Re: EWS in Switzerland?


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So a 2 system AC engine would be needed to get to Muttenz. Most
modern AC engines are delivered as two system AC engines nowadays.
- There is a more southern route via Reims, that is mostly not
electrified. This one still avoids Paris. This one would need
Yes, sorry I was slightly incorrect in my route shown in message
9708 – it is only valid to St Louis if using an SNCF 25kV loco. To
run Calais – Muttenz throughout with an SNCF loco it would have to be
a 37000.

Mentioning the Reims route is a red herring as it is not electrified.
The only route is the one I stated in message 9708

On Dec 4, 2007 11:29 AM, Andrew Moglestue <amogles@...> wrote:
Can you run from the Channel Tunnel to Muttenz without touch
1200V DC
BTW this should read 1500v DC

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