Re: EWS in Switzerland?


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Hmmm... I thought there were a switchable path. I believe to remember
seeing SNCF locomotives with freight running through Basel SBB. Or
has that been dumped with the station overhaul?
No, what you saw (between 1970 and 2006) were the SNCF Class 20200
locos. There were 13 locos in this class delivered in 1970. They worked
freight generally between Strasbourg and Muttenz. The last three were
withdrawn on 30 April 2006, by which time enough of the new 37000s were
ready to take over.

Class 20200 were a bi-current version of the SNCF 25kV ac Alsthom-built
Class 17000, with added capability for SBB 15kV ac. The same family
inlcudes SNCFs class 8500 (1500v dc only) and 25500 (bicurrent 1500v dc
and 25kV ac). All of the locos of this type are nicknamed 'Danseueses'
(Dancers) by locomen because of their dubiously bouncy ride.

They were briefly preceded by a small class of four locos numbered
20101 - 4 which looked like SNCF 'Jacquemin' type locos but had Swiss
insides as they were part of an agreement whereby the Swiss threw money
at SNCF in the 1950s to electrify Strasbourg - Basel in order to
eliminate steam locomotives from Swiss territory.


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