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Doesn't have to be SBB. This is for some people who are currently
staying in Zürich (for business purposes) but who would like to
make a
short excursion to some place where you can actually see the sun
the mountains). And that preferably not to expensive...
What about Einsiedeln or Hoch-Ybrig?


Hoch Ybrig would be a good suggestion, as it is the closest major ski
hill to Zuerich. Along the way, the train ride to Waedenswil and the
SOB train to Einsiedeln is a scenic trip. From Einsiedeln, take the
Post coach to Weglosen/Hoch Ybrig.

Is it mountains and air they want or to see trains? If they want a
change of weather, I had a great time going to Lugano for lunch (in
the sun) and heading back to Zuerich in the early evening when I was
last there in February 2004.


Mike C

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