Interoperability and tram trains (was Re: Bern Route G terminus at Worb)

Andrew Moglestue

--- In SwissRail@..., "George Raymond" <geor@...> wrote:

Isn't this (rightly or wrongly) more of an issue in North America
than in
Europe? In the US, for example, some light rail lines admit freight
only at night, when the light rail vehicles aren't running. The
principle in
Europe seems to be reliance on automatic train stop and other
technology to
prevent collisions.
In Karlsruhe too, there are lines on which conventional trams only
runy(ie, non-tram-train) on which freights do run (in industrial area
in the Norh of the town). Here similar rules apply, with freight
trains running strictly at night only. In Bremen and Kassel there are
also lines where trams and conventional freight trains share tracks
(strictly speaking the tracks are interlaced, not shared, but from a
safety point of view that doesn't make a difference). In both cases
these lines are too important to impose night-only running but safety
is provide by strict speed restrictions on the trains (and the
signalling of course).


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