5 Kroks on one tour !!!

Heléna Moretti

Hello everybody,

For anyone who loves Krokodil style locomotives, there is a veritable feast featuring on the RhB this year with a four day tour taking the biscuit...

9-12 October ... 3 nights in St Moritz + 4 days touring and no less than 5 Kroks !

See the Verein Dampf freunde of RhB Nostalgie Fahrten on www.dampfvereinrhb.ch

SFr 970 for an adult, kids 6-16 and GA SFr 900 and single supplements on rooms SFr 90.

I imagine they must use either a standard gauge monster (ex SBB) like 13302 or some of the MgB versions (ex BVZ) as I'm sure there aren't 5 RhB examples still active.

Does anyone know what narrow gauge Kroks still are active...

402 was an exhibit at the Luzern Railway Museum (VHS)
411, 412, 414 & 415 use to be the last batch on the RhB itself but I think one of those was sold to Germany.

The BVZ ones 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 were recently culled, I'm not sure which ones still are active.

I shall definately be doing this tour, so if anyone wants to team up let me know.


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