Re: MGB 52


The damage may be
... or may not be ...
serious enough that it will not be repaired
It seems that MGB wants to have Deh 52 repaired.

Markus, G�rbetal

Hotel Grischuna

glenn allen

Just in case those that stay there on a regular basis don't already know, the hotel has been put up for sale. Yours for CHF 1,9Million.

11179 on the ground

Martin Baumann

The Brugg to Basel line is currently disrupted due to 11179 and an unknown number of wagons derailing at Stein Sackingen. No trains through there until further notice. Nobody was injured

Yverdon Ste-Croix

Martin Baumann

No trains 04 to 16 July 2016 inclusive due to engineering work

Re: HGe 2/2 Roof Equipment


Am 31.03.2016 um 11:22 schrieb [SwissRail]:
I have been trying to understand the equipment on the roof of old
locos such as the HGe 2/2
We will be glad to help if you tell us WHICH HGe 2/2 you mean. Thank you

Re: SBB-P Re 4/4 II overhauls


Just looked at my photo's and the dates are:

11109 R3 Be 29.03.2016
420208 R2 Be 09.02.2016

So I take it 11109 made a fast trip to Zurich to be there for EC164 on the 30.03!
regards, Graham

HGe 2/2 Roof Equipment

Kidger Paul

I have been trying to understand the equipment on the roof of old locos such as the HGe 2/2 and so far have found very conflicting information.. From what I can understand so far is as follows:

1) There is a connection from the pantograph to the voltmeters, presumably in the cabs.
2) The second connection from the pantograph goes to the transformer by way of an internal circuit breaker.
3) This connection from the pantograph also passes to the surge arrestor where any excessive voltage, from for example a lightning strike on the overhead wires, can go to earth by way of the loco body.
4) There is a rotating contactor which can 'earth' both the pantograph and transformer to the loco body. Presumably this is interlocked with the pantograph so that it can be operated only when the pantograph is down.

Any additions or corrections to this would be very welcome. If anyone knows of any photographs or diagrams of the equipment then I would be most interested.
I have seen some arrangements where the supply from the pantograph passes through the surge arrestor by means of an uninsulated wire but am not too sure of this arrangement.

Re: SBB-P Re 4/4 II overhauls

Martin Baumann

If that is painted on 420 208 it will be the official renumbering date which in most cases is not the same as the overhaul release date. 420 028 is R3 BE 09.02.2016

Re: SBB-P Re 4/4 II overhauls


I travelled on this today on ec164 zurich to buchs in a pair with 420208. This also had the same r date from bellizona.

SBB-P Re 4/4 II overhauls

Martin Baumann

The loco that had gone the longest time without an overhaul, 11109, has just left Bellinzona works after an R2 overhaul (BE 29.03.2016) Its previous works visit was R1 12.09.2008. The loco is still in Swiss Express colours.

Locos that are furthest away from the last overhaul are now:

11118 R1 15.06.2009

11127 R1 21.12.2009

11139 R1 11.12.2009

11159 R1 15.04.2010

Blonay Chamby steam festival

Martin Baumann

14-16 May, will include steam hauled trains with 3 or 4 locos.

Full details are on the pdf files at the above address

Re: Long AOMC closures


Am 28.03.2016 um 13:25 schrieb Guerbetaler:
and possibly BDeh 4/4 503
To be precise: There was a rumour of rebuilding it as adhesion-only diesel service vehicle. We will see...

Markus, G�rbetal

Re: Long AOMC closures


Am 28.03.2016 um 12:22 schrieb [SwissRail]:
I can understand the need to change to Abt rack and raise the supply
voltage to a more standard 1500 V DC but how is this being
accommodated by the rolling stock? Is the same stock being used with
perhaps changes to the motor groupings.
Only the two Beh 4/8 591-592 will be adapted and possibly BDeh 4/4 503. Traffic will be taken over by the new GTW Beh 2/6 541-547 of the same type as the eight Beh 2/6 7501-7508 for MVR
See TPS's facebook site

Markus, G�rbetal

Re: Long AOMC closures

Kidger Paul


I can understand the need to change to Abt rack and raise the supply voltage to a more standard 1500 V DC but how is this being accommodated by the rolling stock? Is the same stock being used with perhaps changes to the motor groupings so that motors now operate with 2 in series to give 750V across each motor.? Surely this must mean a slight decrease in performance if the original supply was 850V DC, Presumably the motors are 850V motors.

Paul Kidger

Long AOMC closures

Martin Baumann

Bus replacement

25.04-08.10.2016 Monthey-Champery

11.07-20.08.2016 entire line

The voltage will be changed to 1500v DC and the rack changed from Strub to Abt (French)

Aarau-Olten line

Martin Baumann

By the end of 2020 SBB will have four tracks throughout between Aarau and Olten

The current situation (Bahnprofil Schweiz)

Aarau km 41.51 to Wöschnau crossovers km 43.44 = 50.77 4 tracks

Wöschnau to Däniken 50.77 to 45.67 2 tracks

Däniken to Dulliken 45.67 to 42.94 (20m missing after re-alignment) 3 tracks

Dulliken to Olten Ost 42.94 to 41.25 4 tracks

Olten Ost to Olten 41.25 to 39.30 3 tracks

Between Wöschau and Däniken tracks 3 and 4 will be a completely new alignment, largely in the 3114m Eppenberg tunnel. Adding the third or forth track on the other sections will be either side of the existing alignment.

The first track alteration as part of the project came into use on 25 January as part of the layout of the future junction for the tunnel. On this date a new eastbound track came into use from a point approximately 600m west of Wöschau to the crossovers. The former eastbound track became the westbound track on February 1st at which point the old westbound track was taken out of use but it will see use as a siding later this year in connection with the tunnel construction

Re: Graubunden Pass


As I read it, it is basically a hybrid offer of 2 day or 5 day validity, reasonable value if used as consecutive but with the flexibility of a flexi option using the longer overall validity of each version. I've always avoided this pass as it doesn't give you the option to go north for the day on SBB if the mood takes you, especially if your base is northern Graubünden. (I've always considered northern Graubünden a good base for day trips north after all its only a couple of hours from Chur to the Appenzell Alps and the Bodensee).

Incidentally in 2015 it was 3/7 or 5/14 so the 2016 version is less good.

Re: DB 185

Martin Baumann

Sorry, should have spotted a typo in EA 095 to 141 are the ones passed for Switzerland.

(085 to 094 are passed for Hungary)

DB 185

Martin Baumann

According to the March Eisenbahn Amateur 185 085 to 185 141 are currently passed to run in Switzerland, 142 to 149 have had the equipment removed.

Re: Graubunden Pass

speaks of 2 days free travel during a 7 day period or 5 days during a 14 day period, including on the Chur-Bad Ragaz section of the SBB line.

The full Swiss Travel Pass costs more, but would allow you to use it each day during your stay.
On a recent trip, I had a 7 day Pass, but needed to travel on the 8th day and a short trip from Zurich to the Luzern area cost quite a bit. There may also be differences in discounts or services offered on private companies (cable cars, mountain trains, local bus) between local, regional and national passes.

It all depends on how long your stay is going to be. You should also verify where the GraubuendenPass allows use on consecutive days or whether they have to be spaced out as with the Flex Pass.


Mike C

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