Re: RhB locomotive query


Looking at the Filisur webcam, 641 has not been on the main Chur - St Moritz circuit recently. 622 double headed a southbound Landquart - Samedan freight (5113 I think) on 20 May. 614 and 615 have not appeared at Filisur recently as far as I can see

RhB locomotive query


I am heading to Chur for 3 nights and plan to travel over the my last part of the RhB network to from Chur to Arosa this weekend.

I also hope to find my last 3 RhB loks - Ge 4/4 II 614/615/622 and final Ge 4/4 III 641.

Does any member know if the locomotives have been sighted recently or if they are out of service?

Thank-you for any assistance.


What is in Erstfeld now?

John Lovda

I will be going to Switzerland next week which will include attending the base tunnel celebration and riding through the tunnel on June 5. I want to travel around the country and take some train pictures like I have in the past. I have not been there since 2011. I was looking at some Google Earth views of the Erstfeld depot area. They were last updated in 2013. The entire area around the model railroad club, the employee parking lot and the former spot where the crocodile stood was torn up. What is there now? Is there still a large locomotive parking area on the north side of Schlossbergstrasse or has it moved to the tunnel entrance further north? I want to go there a few days before the big celebration but only of it worth the trip. I also remember hearing about an SBB cafeteria across the street from the station that was open to the public. I that still there?


Re: Extra Re 4/4 II turns

John Lovda

I will be going to Switzerland next week including the GBT opening on June 5. I have not been there for five years but was lucky enough to climb the observation tower then. I have a question about the Erstfeld depot. Google Earth has a picture of the Erstfeld Depot office that is three years old. What has happened to the area around the model railroad club, the parking lot and the spot where the crocodile monument was? I see some of the tracks are torn out as well.

Also, there was a large locomotive parking area on the north side of Schlossbergstrasse. Is it still there? I would like to go there before the big event when it will be quiet ASSUMING there is anything still left to see.


Re: New RhB coaches delivered


Ah yes that would be it.

Thanks for jogging my ageing grey matter!

Re: New RhB coaches delivered


I think the reason a number of Chur - SM trains use the platform nearest the Grischuna is to allow Chur bound trains conveying GEX portions to provide cross platform interchange with Davos trains. Generally this only happens at 09:00, 10:00 and 11:00, which are the trains normally carrying the GEX portion.

Re: New RhB coaches delivered


Interestingly, no sign of the set on the Filisur webcam.

Whilst looking at the cam, I noticed a few things from the last few days:

There has been a high incidence of Chur - SM trains calling at the opposite platforms to usual, i.e. southbound trains calling at platform 1 nearest the Grischuna

The web cam 'woke up' in the dead of night (02:02) on 19 May (normally it comes to life with the arrival of the early morning mixed train at circa 06.15) to record a huge train of works plant in platform 2 and more plant just visible at the Grischuna end of platform 1, bet that woke hotel residents up!

At 08.29 today there was a comparatively unusual working: Northbound Ge6/6 II with a single shorty EWI coach (10 minutes after 703 had passed southbound with a lovely weighty load of logs

Re: Extra Re 4/4 II turns


I was only half disappointed to not be in Switzerland for the GBT opening celebrations - now I'm REALLY disappointed!

MGB 36

Martin Baumann

Next Monday, 30.05, this loco will work trains 844 1428 Andermatt-Disentis and 851 1614 Disentis-Andermatt as requested by the driver who is retiring that  day

Ee 3/3 16318

Martin Baumann

Will be working vice steam on May 29th between Romanshorn and Rorschach or Kreuzlingen:

Re: ICE Crossing collision Interlaken

Martin Baumann

401 576 hit the bus

Extra Re 4/4 II turns

Martin Baumann

Due to the 460 and EWIV sets being needed elsewhere (among other things extra trains to Gotthard opening) there will be Re 4/4 II and EWI/II stock working as follows:

28.05-02.06 2 out of the 3 diagrams between Zürich and Konstanz (which is not specified)

03.06+04.06 all three Zürich-Konstanz diagrams.

The Flughafen-Basel trains may also produce EWI/II sets during this period but this is NOT confirmed

Schynige Platte now included in the Swiss pass.

Keith Hookham <keith47424@...>

I have seen a tweet today from Swiss Travel UK & it states that Schynige Platte is now included in the Swiss Pass. 
It is also shown on the updated synoptic map. 
Cheers Keith47424

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Re: Rhb 20.05.16


Also 703 hauled mgb 52 towards Chur passing just after 10. Persume to Landquart for final repairs.

Re: TRN line closure rumour

Martin Baumann

This line indeed closed after traffic April 30 April. Closure was expected to be for at least three months but it is now expected to re-open on May 29


Re: New RhB coaches delivered

Martin Baumann

The first set entered passenger service yesterday. It is not on a regular diagram yet

ICE Crossing collision Interlaken

Martin Baumann

Rhb 20.05.16


0753 ilanz to chur was 706.

SBB RE4/4ii turns 18/5 & 19/5

Gordon Atkinson


612.1 11244
612.2 11157
612.3 11181
612.4 11159
612.5 11248
612.6 11251
612.10 11255
612.11 11156
612.12 11258


612.2 11244
612.3 11157
612.4 11199
612.8 11155
612.9 11194
612.10 11255
612.11 11161

BDe 4/4 1632

Martin Baumann

BDe 4/4 1632 has been sold by Swisstrain and is now owned by Stauffer. There is no information as to what Stauffer intend to do with the railcar but it has been registered as

94 85 7570 632-0 CH-JüST

5501 - 5520 of 29462