Re: Gottardo 2016 Rare Track?


On Sun, 29/5/16, stephenhorobin wrote: I presume that these must run via the Brugg avoider and the North to South connection at Othmarsingen.

Interesting tip, thanks The Brugg avoider is indeed currently 'rare track' for passenger services as it is not AFAIK used by booked passenger trains in the current timetable. It used to be used by north south international night trains back in the day. The "North to South connection at Othmarsingen" - in other words the East to South curve Othmarsingen - Hendschiken is not rare track as it is used by 5 trains a day each way M-F

Re: Gottardo 2016 Rare Track?


I Should have said that the 07.40 and 08.40 were the only two direct trains to Rynach from Zurich HB there are also trains from Bern at 07.22 and 08.22 these run via Lenburg, Wohlen and the curve at Rotkreuz.
The additional trains through the new tunnel and over the top are available for view on the German page of the Gottardo website.
I stand to be corrected.


Gottardo 2016 Rare Track?


I notice the Basel to Biasca extra trains which depart at 07.00 and 08.00 show no stops between Frick and Brunnen. I presume that these must run via the Brugg avoider and the North to South connection at Othmarsingen.
I haven't yet checked for the return journeys.
The Zurich SBB 07.40 and 08.40 departures are the only two trains which take you into the exhibition centre at Rynach.
I stand to be corrected!


RhB 29th May

Had a ride to Arosa in the morning rain with unit 3502 and a couple of coaches added.

Afternoon sightings below.

703 worked the booked 15.20 Landquart-St Moritz service this afternoon.

10.44 x Disentis was 623.
12.44 x Disentis was 611.
13.44 x Disentis was 615 (my last one which thankfully stuck to diagram).

11.48 x Scoul was 620.

11116 also noted on the mid-day Zúrich-Chur-Zúrich turn.


RhB on the Cinema Screen


Some terrific news on the film front,

Last year, a new feature film version of Heidi was made in Switzerland, and has opened to great success in Swiss cinemas. Graubunden was used for all of the Swiss Alps locations - in both winter and summer - with Bergun and Latsch being prominent ones (as they were in the 1952 Swiss Heidi film).

The RhB also joined in, with Stugl-Stuls station being used for the railway scenes, and G4/5 107 Albula with 3 4-wheeled historic coaches forming the train. A clip from this scene can be seen in the film's trailer at 1:55 here:

HEIDI Trailer (2015)

HEIDI Trailer (2015) Offizieller "Heidi" Trailer Deutsch German 2015 | Abonnieren ➤ | (OT: Heidi) Movie #Trailer | Kinostart: 10 Dez 2015 | Filminfos https://...

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A rare glimpse of the RhB in a feature film, and Graubunden in general!


Re: What is in Erstfeld now?

glenn allen

On Sunday, 29 May 2016, 8:35, " [SwissRail]" wrote: How does the train driver keep from going into a trance looking ahead at only a tube with pulsing lights?

The unit r loco may well be fitted with speed set, so the driver just dials up a number and leaves the train to get on with it, a vigilance alarm, every minute on UK trains, will pop a driver back into reality. Don't know if it is the same in Switzerland, but over 170kph UK drivers on cab signalling are not required to look out of the window.

Re: What is in Erstfeld now?

John Lovda

How does the train driver keep from going into a trance looking ahead at only a tube with pulsing lights? My view will be worse though. I will only see a concrete wall through the window next to me. It's an event I don't want to miss but I'll stick to the longer ride over the top in the future.

By the way, every time I hear those three chimes for an announcement I get goose bumps!


Re: What is in Erstfeld now?

John Lovda

Mike: Thanks for your tip regarding the Voralpen Express. As a train photographer, I love locomotives as much as I hate unit trains. To me, they are just higher speed city trams.

BT Lok (Bodensee Toggenberg) Vogele Schuhe

BT Lok (Bodensee Toggenberg) Vogele Schuhe BT Lok Vogele Schuhe, Luzern, 2000

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Voralpen Express 1

Voralpen Express 1 BT (Bodensee-Toggenberg) Re44 93, Voralpen-Express, Luzern, 1998

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RhB 27th May

Thanks again all for your tips and suggestions.
08.58 Chur-St Moritz was cancelled at Filisur. Passengers on bus forward but then train went empty forward about 15 mins later. Loco 643
The helpful ladies at Filisur provided me with a loco digest which showed 2 out of the 4 locomotives I am looking for at work
09.58 Chur-St Moritz ran as booked with loco 649 which I took to Sameden.
12.02 Pontresina-Scuol was loco 618. This was taken to La Punt Chamues CH.
11.32 Scuol-Pontersina was loco 614 one on my list which I travelled all the way to Pontersina and back to Susch (13.02 from Pontresina)
13.20 Landquart-St Moritz was another loco on the list - 620. This route was suffering delays of around 7 minutes due to the Scuol-Pontresina services having an additional reversal in the tunnel.
16.45 St Moritz-Landquart was 703 (The loco digest had this down as 702) As we departed St Moritz 705 had arrived but can not see what working this would have been.
IC936 18.39 Chur-Zúrich was showing Ausful at Landquart. I arrived Chur at 19.05 as 11244 was departing empty towards Landquart.
An interesting day with glorious weather.

SBB/SZU/ZB 09.05.16


After a conversation yesterday it appeared the following got lost in the Yahoo ether & never appeared, despite it telling me that they had.... Yahoo - got to love it !

It is obviously too late for the gen but still may be of use to someone.

TUESDAY 10.05.16

Checked out of the Ibis at Hardbruke for a change of digs to the Ibis Budget in Winterthur. It's about a 15 min walk from the shack exiting from the back entrance. We had a twin room & in true Ibis Budget style, don't share a room unless you get on really well.

TUESDAY 10.05.16

11243 (2417) 10.09 Zur-Locarno
11245 (2429) 16.09 Zur-Locarno
11249 (2267) 10.47 Bas-SG ex Zur
11251 (2272) 13.42 SG-Bas ex Zur; (2280) 17.42 SG-Basel ex Zur

11159+11258 (2433) 18.09 Zur-Chiasso

11112 (2262) 08.42 SG-Basel ex Zur vice 460
11122 (2268) 11.42 SG-Basel to Zur vice 460
11125 (2260) 07.42 SG-Basel ex Zur vice 421
11127 left dor on the 13.36 to Basel
11143 (1972) 13.36 Zur-Bas
11150 (776) 15.00 Zur-Basel; (2281) 17.47 Bas-SG to Zur (with 11152)
11152 (2266) 12.08 Zur-Bas; (2273) 13.47 Bas-SG to Zur; (2274) 14.42 SG-Bas ex Zur; (2281) 17.47 Bas-SG to Zur (with 11150)
11157 (2418) 08.47 Locarno-Zur
11158 (2426) 12.47 Locarno-Zur
11161 (2275) 14.47 Bas-SG ex Zur vice 460
11172 (2264) 09.42 SG-Basel to Zur; (2272) 13.42 SG-Bas to Zur; (929) 16.07 Zur-Chur
11181 (2421) 12.09 Zur-Locarno

420219 (764) 09.00 Zurich-Bas vice 460

421383 (193) 09.09 Zur-Munich
421392 (195) 13.09 Zur-Munich

Lion Sets:

420205+206 #21.9/10
420214+218 #21.1/3
420215+220 #21.3/4
420225+229 #22.7/9
420227+230 #21.13/14
420204+223 on shed all day

There appeared to be a bridge strike right in the morning peak with the 07.35, 08.05 & 08.21 Lion deps off Stadelhofen all caped.

WEDNESDAY 11.05.16

Deck chairing at Zurich, with a trip on a newly discovered railway system (for me anyway)

11247 ecs off EN414; (2818) 11.35 Zur-Schaffhausen
11249 (2263) 08.47 Bas-SG ex Zur; (2270) 12.42 SG-Bas to Zur
11251 (183) 10.29 Stuttgart-Zur ex Singen

11109 (1175) Ersattzug vice ICE 17.07 Basel-Chur
11112 (180) 18.35 Zur-Stuttgart to Singen (with 11128)
11122 arrived with EN414, not seen again
11124 (2814) 09.35 Zur-Schaff; dor of the 13.36 to Basel; (1982) 18.36 Zur-Bas
11125 (1962) 08.36 Zur-Bas
11128 (180) 18.35 Zur-Stuttgart to Singen (with 11112)
11133 ecs off EN466 & not seen again
11134 (185) 12.29 Sttugart-Zur ex Singen; (182) 16.35 Zur-Stuttgart to Singen
11139 (2267) 10.47 Bas-SG to Zur; (1977) 15.13 Bas-Zur
11144 (2281) 17.47 Bas-SG to Zur (with 11151)
11146 (2111) 08.37 Zur-Konstanz & return; (2117) 11.37 Zur-Konstanz, all Ersattzug
11147 (2268) 11.42 SG-Basel ex Zur
11148 (181) 08.29 Stuttgart-Zur from Singen (with 11164); (2831) 18.25 Zur-Schaff
11151 (2266) 12.08 Zur-Bas; (2281) 17.47 Bas-SG to Zur (with 11144)
11153 (1976) 15.36 Zur-Basel
11155 (2813) 08.47 Schaff-Zur; (2822) 13.35 Zur-Schaff; (2827) 15.47 Schaff-Zur
11157 (2422) 10.47 Locarno-Zur (with 421394)
11159 (2418) 08.47 Locarno-Zur; (2425) 14.09 Zur-Locarno
11161 (1967) 10.13 Bas-Zur; (2267) 10.47 Bas-SG ex Zur; (1978) 16.36 Zur-Bas
11164 (282) 08.35 Zur-Stuttgart to Singen; (181) 08.29 Stuttgart-Zur from Singen (with 11148)
11172 (1963) 08.13 Bas-Zur
11196 (2267) 12.09 Zur-Locarno
11197 (2262) 08.42 SG-Basel to Zur
11198 (2417) 10.09 Zur-Locarno; (2430) 14.47 Locarno-Zur
11300 (2263) 08.47 Bas-SG to Zur; (921) 12.07 Zur-Chur

420219 (2263) 08.47 Bas-SG to Zur with 11300; then onto shed

421371 (195) 13.09 Zur-Munich
421394 (2422) 10.47 Locarno-Zur (with 11157)

Lion Sets:

420201+221 #21.13/14
420202+216 #21.7/8
420204+223 on shed all day
420207+228 #21.3/4 (pm)
420210+222 #22.7/9
420211+213 #21.1/2
420214+218 # ?
420225+229 #22.1/2
420227+230 #21.15/16
emu #21.3/4 (am)

Having had the other half of the posse do a re-con mission earlier to see what the SZU was all about from Platforms 21/22, as neither of us had even thought what was there or had the inclination to see. Armed with the gen I ventured down for half an hour. As it turns out also valid with Swiss Private Bahn [SP] FIP coupons - bonus.

456101 / SZU#546 (24583) 19.18 Zurich-Sihlwald

450070 / SZU#552 (24582) 19.10 Langnau Gattikon-Zurich

THURSDAY 12.05.16

Last day today with some deck chairing at Zurich before heading back to Geneva with a diversion via Luzern for a little spin on the Zentralbahn. Another Private Railway covered with the Swiss Private Bahn [SP] FIP coupons.

11243 (2262) 08.42 SG-Bas to Zur
11244 (2320) 09.47 Locarno-Basel ex Luzern
11247 arr on CNL471
11258 (2320) 09.47 Basel-Locarno to Luzern

11109 Esattzug vice ICE (271) 09.07 Basel-Chur
11122 (2811) 07.47 Schaff-Zur
11125 (2260) 07.42 SG-Bas ex Zur vice 421
11139 (1962) 08.36 Zur-Bas vice 421
11148 (2813) 08.47 Schaff-Zur
11151 (163) 08.40 Zur-Graz to Buchs
11156 (2417) 10.09 Zur-Locarno
11161 (2260) 07.42 SG-Bas to Zur
11196 (2319) 10.04 Bas-Locarno ex Luzern
11198 (2414) 06.11 Chiasso-Zur
11300 (2256) 05.42 SG-Basel to Zur vice 460

421371 (193) 09.09 Zur-Munich

ZB Luzern:

arrived just in time to watch 101964 depart on (21442) 11.27 to Wolfenschiessen, I passed it later on it's return with (21445) 12.01 Wolfenschiessen-Luzern. I didn't see whether it did anything else as I had to dash for my train when I got back to Luzern.

The normal turns were:
101966 (2970) 12.10 Luzern-Engelberg
101961 (2971) 12.01 Engelberg-Luzern

Then headed down to Geneva to cover the pm commuters:

11126 (1929) 16.57 Geneva Airport-St Maurice
11149 (1931) 17.21 Geneva Airport-Sion
11302 (1927) 16.21 Geneva Airport-Sion

Then back to the airport & home. Flight was with Easy Jet for the bargain amount of 16 quid. However every bargain has it's price, mine was landing at Gatwick at 22.15, which is ok when you live in South London, not so ok when Southern are short of guards, which is probably unofficial action short of a strike. Although no one will ever confirm that & it's not for this forum.

For those who have never been and thinking of using their FIP coupons over in Switzerland, I've visited several times now and never had any problem with the validity or the 2 day rule on either SBB/BLS or SP. I was surprised as well that I never even got questioned on any of the Private Railways regarding the SP coupons, not once. An extremely nice & welcome change.



Re: What is in Erstfeld now?



in addition to the Gotthard Base Tunnel, if you are not planning on returning to Switzerland for a few years, you may want to take this opportunity to ride the Voralpen Express, as the Revvivo consists will be phased out in the coming years in favour of Stadler unit trains.

This will probably be your last opportunity to take a ride on one of the remaining NPZ EWI Pendel consists (Re 4/4II plus EWII and BDt) which are used as reserve/supplementary trains. There is nothing like riding the rails with the window down, something which cannot be done on today's trains anymore.

If you are in Zurich, the number of Tram 2000 units will be dropping as they are phased out in favour of new units.

I look forward to seeing the photos online once you are back from your trip.


Mike C

Re: What is in Erstfeld now?



this video might show some details of the area:

Gotthard Tunnel 360°

Gotthard Tunnel 360° Kein Ereignis beschäftigt die Schweiz in diesem Jahr mehr als die Eröffnung des Gotthard-Basistunnels. Bis der reguläre Zugverkehr durch die Röhren geleitet ...

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Mike C

Re: Extra Re 4/4 II turns


On Wed, 25/5/16, daveymills wrote: Can you be more specific as to where these were ? Alongside the SBB Loco shed (away from the station) is now a building that belongs to SBB-Infrastruktur, not really visible from the station/running lines.

I think it is just a car park for the new EIZ operations centre

Re: RhB locomotive query



From my Lokdienst dated 14th May,
614 was Betriebliche reserve
615 was Disentis/Schoul
622 was on same and
641 was on the Saglians car train.


Re: RhB locomotive query

[Top posting repaired by the moderator]

Many thanks all, very helpful,
I have the diagrams already printed but if there are daily allocations available all the better!

Switzerland Trip 10th to 12th May 2016

Jonathan Lee

Essentially a trip to Switzerland to cover the SBB Cargo Re4/4 turns but with a day in Budapest at either end as it was loads cheaper to fly in/out of Budapest and overnight each way to Zurich.

TPC HGem 2/2

Martin Baumann

Re: Extra Re 4/4 II turns



The "large locomotive parking area on the north side of Schlossbergstrasse" is still there although typically it is full of DB 185s and the odd-hired-in TRAXX to BLS. SBB Historic also use this yard for their loco test runs however there is now a large metal barrier between the running lines and yard, making viewing as you pass, difficult.

SBB stuff is usually only parked on the shed itself, although there were even DB 185s parked there last weekend.

"What has happened to the area around the model railroad club, the parking lot and the spot where the crocodile monument was"

Can you be more specific as to where these were ? Alongside the SBB Loco shed (away from the station) is now a building that belongs to SBB-Infrastruktur, not really visible from the station/running lines.


Erstfeld changes

John Lovda

Can anyone help me out here before I leave on Monday?



I will be going to Switzerland next week including the GBT opening on June 5. I have not been there for five years but was lucky enough to climb the observation tower then. I have a question about the Erstfeld depot. Google Earth has a picture of the Erstfeld Depot office that is three years old. What has happened to the area around the model railroad club, the parking lot and the spot where the crocodile monument was? I see some of the tracks are torn out as well.

Also, there was a large locomotive parking area on the north side of Schlossbergstrasse. Is it still there? I would like to go there before the big event when it will be quiet ASSUMING there is anything still left to see.

Re: RhB locomotive query

glenn allen

Best answer is to get hold of a copy of the daily loco diagrams, CHF3 from Filisur station, that'll list all the locos you are looking for so you'll know where to find them.

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