Another 460 fire

Martin Baumann

A so far unidentified 460 went on fire in the Zimmerbergtunnel while working 2629 to Luzern this morning. Passengers were evacuated by a 511 unit

Cargo 'Taktfahrplan launches December


SBB Cargo will launch its 'taktfahplan' for freight traffic with the new timetable in Decmeber 2016. SBB Cargo is promising "more frequent operation and more express trains"

Re: St Gallen AB


Am 22.11.2016 um 14:34 schrieb Martin Baumann:
As a first phase of the St Gallen Durchmesserlinie project
Appenzellerbahn trains will cease to use their terminal platforms at
St Gallen after traffic on December 10th. From the next day they will
run into an additional platform at the Trognerbahn station which will
later be the through station for the linked lines
The Trogen trains will use track 12, the Gais trains track 11, that's the one nearer to the standard gauge tracks. To allow the Trogen trains to get from the incoming right hand track (leading into station track 11) to track 12, a special point (Kletterweiche) has been put onto the already finished track. The point has been asphalted, as buses have partly to go over it.

Unfortunately no photo yet, as it was dark and rainy.

Markus, G�rbetal

St Gallen AB

Martin Baumann

As a first phase of the St Gallen Durchmesserlinie project Appenzellerbahn trains will cease to use their terminal platforms at St Gallen after traffic on December 10th. From the next day they will run into an additional platform at the Trognerbahn station which will later be the through station for the linked lines

Re: re more Basel Tram news

Andrew Bond

Thanks a lot, much appreciated.


re BLS new Kambly train

Martin Baumann

535 114 has had a serious failure at Wolhusen and was today hauled to Bern for repair by 420 501

re more Basel Tram news

Martin Baumann

The long Flexity will be 5001-5044 Up to 5032 delivered so far 31 and 32 not in service yet.

The short cars will be 6001-6017 only 6001 delivered so far

Re: re More Basel Tram news

Andrew Bond

Could someone tell me how many flexity trams BVB are having, I am trying to keep my list up to date and have 5000-5028 listed along with 6001.

I have read back through several of the previous posts but cant seem to find a total number mentioned anywhere.


Basel Trailers 1458 and 1459

Martin Baumann

Both were in service as of today but they will be taken out of service by the end of the month. There are no plans for a museum vehicle to join 1408

Domino workings (was A few questions...)

Martin Baumann

The vast majority of Winterthur-Wil trains are Thurbo RABe 526 units

I don't think Domino units are allowed to cross the border at Delle but this needs confirmation.

Re: A few questions...


Dominos on the following lines in the 2017 timetable:

Warning: some of these the service is 100% Domino, others it is particular trains on lines also served by other stock

Biel Bienne - Delle
St Gingolph - Brig - Domodossola
St Maurice - Lausanne
Bern - Romont - Bulle
Romont - Palezieux
Fribourg - Yverdon
Payerne - Murten
Sursee - Olten
Rapperswil - Schwanden
Oensingen - Balsthal
Vallorbe - Le Brassus
Lausanne - Payerne/Neuchatel/Vallorbe
Neuchatel - Le Locle/Buttes/Yverdon/Biel-Bienne
Coppet - Geneve - Lancy
Winterthur - Wil
Aarau - Rotkreuz
Lenzburg - Rotkreuz (occasional)
Baden - Waldshut
Langenthal - Turgi

On Wed, 31/8/16, nxea317666@ wrote
Hi all,

Secondly, the SBB Domino sets - does anyone know which
areas/lines are the best to find them in/on?

Re: re 460 096


I was able to find this article on

It was hard to find a link because some of the reports used the term triebwagen and I was searching for lokbrand, brand, Re 460, feuer and not flammen and rauch.


Mike C

re 460 096

Martin Baumann

As far as I know it was only reported on facebook and no more news since the initial report

Re: 460 096


Any more news? I did not see anything about this on or other news sites that I routinely visit.


Mike C

Re: New loco for Tpf narrow gauge


Am 15.11.2016 um 18:45 schrieb Martin Baumann:
a previously unannounced order
It had at least been announced in SER 6/2016, page 302,where the delivery of nine (H)Gem 2/2 was announced:
1 HGem for MVR plus 3 Gem for MOB
1 Gem for TPF
1 Gem for NStCM
3 HGem for TPC

I had the chance to ride on HGem 941 of TPC last week, when trials were effectuated. The TPC locomotives can be interchanged between Aigle and Bex, having a button "Aigle" and an Button "Bex". The latter allows for bidirectional rack braking.

Markus, G�rbetal

New loco for Tpf narrow gauge

Martin Baumann

Tpf have taken delivery of Gem 2/2 18, a previously unannounced order. It was delivered in allover white.

Re: RhB new diagrams available


I've done a bit more analysis:

Comparing Monday to Friday (but Sats and suns are similar).

Basically what they have done is swapped three Ge4/4III days with three Allegra days:

Ge4/4III turns 154, 155 and 156, currently Chur - St Moritz expresses will become Landquart - Davos - Filisur turns.

In 'exchange' Allegra (3501 series of course, not the S-Bahn version) turns 610 - 615, switch as follows:

610 Landquart - Filisur , becomes reserve day
611 and 612 currently Landquart - Filisur become 2 days Chur - St Moritz expresses.
613 currently reserve becomes Chur - St Moritz expresses day
614 and 615 currently reserve day and remain reserve days

Thus Ge4/4III will now work 10 daily diagrams split as follows:

3 days Chur- St Moritz expresses
5 days Landquart - Davos - Filisur route - I assume these workings will all be push-pull
2 days Vereina tunnel car shuttles

What interests me is that they have not moved Ge4/4III onto the Landquart - Vereina - St Moritz which stay as 'secondary' Ge4/4II trains despite the faster journey times Zurich - LQ - St Moritz now possible via this route as compared with the Albula 'main line' .

To complete the assumed picture from the Dec timetable change:

Scuol - Disentis loco hauled Ge4/4II with EWI/II/III/IV coaches non push pull as before with long layover and change of train number at Landquart.

Scuol - Pontresina loco hauled Ge4/4II push pull sets as before

still some work for the ageing 510 series EMUs sets including up in the mountains

Bernina diagrams unchanged (mainly Allegra but with a couple of trains a day booked for ABe 51 - 56 pairs)


Re: Vereina shut or SBB timetable glitch

glenn allen

Yup, seems to have been a temporary hiccup, it's working properly for me again as well.

Re: Vereina shut or SBB timetable glitch

Keith Hookham

Seems fine to me. Have checked the SBB App and it states 11.41 direct to Landquart. Arrive Klosters Platz 12.23. Change onto 12.29 departure to Davos Platz arriving 12.56 and depart Davos at 13.31 arriving Filisur at 13.56.

Cheers Keith47424

Vereina shut or SBB timetable glitch

glenn allen

I'm trying to work out a trip from Scuol to Filisur by way of Klosters using the SBB website.

Using tomorrow as a date and 11:15 as a departure time I'm getting a bit of a run around.
First train is 19:41 in the evening, only earlier connection is :
Walk to Scuol Tarasp staziun
11:30 bus to Martina, cunfin
12:00 bus to Landeck-Zams
14:32 train Landeck-Zams to Sargans
16:33 train to Landquart
17:13 train Schiers
bus from there to Kueblis and another bus on to Klosters

No trace of problems on the SBB website, nothing on the RhB site. I know the RhB line from Thusis to Tiefencastel is shut, but no mention of problems through the tunnel or at Klosters

I've also tried Klosters to Landquart and Klosters to Davos, also come up with a bus (or 5).

anybody know what is going on?


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