Re: Norwegian NSB "460's"

John Lovda

The electrical part of the locos is ABB/Strommen..........

This brings up an interesting question. Was the Norwegian made electrical equipment shipped down and installed in Winterthur or were empty locomotive chassis/bodies shipped up to Norway for final assembly?

Re: Norwegian NSB "460's"

John Lovda

Thank you Martin. With 21 units my odds should should be relatively good to spot one. It will be interesting to see if the they have werbeloks as well.

If I get some good shots, I will put them on my Flickr site and post the links here.


Re: Norwegian NSB "460's"

Martin Baumann

They are NSB 2241 to 2262

2241 to 2253 SLM 5711 to 5723 1996
2254 to 2262 SLM 5724 to 5732 1997

The electrical part of the locos is ABB/Strommen

(NSB also have 125 FLIRT units)

Norwegian NSB "460's"

John Lovda

For the first time in many years my wife and I will be visiting Norway instead of me taking one of my annual Swiss rail photography trips. Does anyone know how many "460's" the NSB has? I will probably try to spend a few hours at the Oslo station trying to find one.


Re 4/4 III

Martin Baumann

11355 stopped 17.05.2018 stored RBL
11359 stopped 30.05.2018 stored Olten
11361 stopped 30.05.2018 stored Olten
11366 stopped 30.05.2018 stored Olten

Re: RhB Sat 26.05.18


And a reminder that last August, a Croc turn that was re-advertised as Ge4/4I due to the aforementioned regular maintenance of the Croc actually turned up as a Ge6/6II

Re: RhB Sat 26.05.18


Am 28.05.2018 um 02:33 schrieb gordonwis via Groups.Io:
Turn 901 in the RhB loco diagrams (though again, the diagrams show
'Historische Lok' not specifically Croc).
... which means, that it can also be a Ge 4/4 I, when the Crocodile needs some care in Landquart:


Markus, Gürbetal

Re: RhB Sat 26.05.18


Beware the subtle difference at work here.

The Albula Experience train does not specifically mention Croc haulage (only the 'library picture' shows a Croc).

It's a slightly odd one this. The new Davos - Filisur regular trains are like a 'plandampf' - and the Croc is booked - Turn 901 in the RhB loco diagrams (though again, the diagrams show 'Historische Lok' not specifically Croc).

The Albula Experience seems to be categorised as a 'special' so not shown in the loco diagrams.

SBB ZB SOB BLS 27.05.18


A day pottering round whilst making my way from Chur to Brig where we had originally decided to stay for the now caped BLS Brownie tour. The hotel when booked was for 3 nights but curtailed to 1 in light of the tour, just to make getting to our already booked flight from Geneva on Monday a little easier.
First move was an early start for a Sunday, the 06.09 (558) from Chur (booked a pair of Re4/4) to Zurich, for the 'Gotthard Weekender' to somewhere. Not shown in the diagrams, but picked up from reading various forums. 07.57 Zurich to Bellinzona (2891) & 16.18 return (2894) booked an Re4/4 and routed via Wohlen.


11126+11148 (558)
11196 (2891) routed via Brugg, Wohlen, Rotkreuz
11200 +set, stabled Neuchatel
11302 (163)

11144+11304 did an 08.40 non stop Zurich Bern additional, run in conjunction with a football final in Bern.
460084 doing the same, just in front of it.

11144+11304 viewed at Bern at appx 16.35-16.40, ecs centre road. According to the station supervisor bloke that happened along as I photted it, it was going ecs to Wankdorf & starting there. At that point I had an image in my mind of what would be happening at Wankdorf shack & walked away.
Luckily BLS were providing a winner on the 16.53.

Luzern <> Zurich ersatzzugs were in the hands of 450s


101962 (2967) 10.02 Engelberg Luzern
101965 (2214) 09.36 Luzern Engelberg
101967 (2966) 10.10 Luzern Engelberg


Today running Luzern <> Uznach with buses forward, so 4 turns. Typically though 2 units out.

Luzern deps
11.39 - 456096+456094
12.39 - unit
13.39 - 456091+456092
14.39 - unit


465006 +set, stabled Neuchatel
465008 (3933)
465009 (3930)



Re: RhB Sat 26.05.18


Re: RhB Sat 26.05.18

glenn allen

Quote “There is a second krok turn but that starts next week!“

I don’t see any information on the loco diagrams for a second turn. When is it running?

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RhB Sat 26.05.18


Sat 26.05.18

Todays plan was the RhB Krokodil turn & a day covering the Ge4/4.IIs on the RhB, along with the new Ge6/6.II turn in the afternoon. Stopping in Chur at the Zunfthaus zur Rebleuten, found on Note this is not a cheap area of the country to stop in.
After a rather long night and a quick coffee & croissant in Basel, I jumped on the 06.33 direct to Landquart. Straight onto a train to Davos Platz, arriving 09.57. A quick supermarket sweep in the co-op across the road & on the Krokodil at 10.18.

Krok 414. 10.18 Davos Platz - Filisur, 11.06 back. It then does a turn in the afternoon, details on RhB website.
There is a second krok turn but that starts next week!

The Ge6/6 turn, (1358) 16.47 St Moritz - Landquart produced 704.

602 Landquart shed

Ge4/4.II :
611 613 616 620 622 624 626 627 628 629 632 all working
630 freight
633 stabled Landquart

642 646 648 649 651 all working

A decent day with fantastic weather, longest delay was 3mins!


Re: Zürich trams new Flexitys and reserve fleet

Robin Jorimann

The reserve fleet: I believe it means no training journeys or other non essential movements take place at peak times. Fingers crossed that an above average number are not out of service!

Zürich trams new Flexitys and reserve fleet

Chris Wood

The June edition of Tramways & Urban Transit carries a report of the delivery of a mock-up of Zürich's new Flexity trams to Altstetten works. To be used to consult with staff and passengers prior to delivery of the real thing in 2019. They will be in service "in time for the Christmas lights" according to VBZ.

The article also states that the late delivery will mean that the Tram2000s will not start to be withdrawn until 2020, and that the extension of line 2 to Schlieren in 2019 "will require two vehicles from the reserve fleet".

I'm left wondering what this last means. Are there Tram2000s already in the reserve fleet. Or are to see a brief return of the Mirage?.

re Schinznach Bad accident

Martin Baumann

It was 523 054. The crane was being dismantled, not erected.

Schinznach Bad accident

Martin Baumann

A 523 unit has hit part of a crane that was being set up next to the line and fouled the right of way. The driver was able to see the obstruction in time to put the train in emergency and leave the cab. Nobody was injured. Passengers were taken back to Brugg by the Brugg LRZ. The line remains closed at present and long distance trains are diverted via Othmarsingen- Lenzburg (German)

Schynigge Platte Bahn 125 Years


This weekend will see that start of the 125th anniversary year of the SPB.
Dampflok No5 will work on the following days.
Details from the Jungfrau Bahn website:
Saturday 16 June, 14 July, 28 July, 4 August, 18 August and 1 September 2018. The steam train stops in Breitlauenen for 40 minutes to tank up on water. Morning (with sufficient bookings) Afternoon • Wilderswil dep.  8.45 14.05 Schynige Platte arr. 10.17 15.37 • Schynige Platte dep. 11.41 17.01 Wilderswil arr. 12.33 17.53

Re: An ordinary train


Am 24.05.2018 um 01:42 schrieb gordonwis via Groups.Io:
Personally I'm not a great fan of non-homogenous passenger rakes. I'd
like to see one of the two runs per day use ordinary EW stock ...
Contemporary motive power should then be a Ge 6/6 II. :-)

I like homogenous consists, too. However, historically, it will be difficult to find a photo of an RhB train with a homgenous passenger rake! After the arrival of the bis EW I series in the 1960ies, base consists for the fast trains Landquart - Davos and Chur St. Moritz were homogenous. But all the additional coaches were of many different types.

Markus, Gürbetal

Re: An ordinary train


Personally I'm not a great fan of non-homogenous passenger rakes. I'd like to see one of the two runs per day use ordinary EW stock ...

Re: re more Basel Tram news

Martin Baumann

all of 6001 to 6017 are now in passenger service

2981 - 3000 of 28993