Martin Baumann

IRSI/Transrail 11393 has been repainted in TEE livery at Bellinzona (11393 and not 421 393 is the number actually carried)

Re: MOB Loco-hauled trains?

Martin Baumann

221 223 226 228 missing from your list. I believe these still have central buffer?

RhB 17 - 23 Feb


A few notes from a trip to the RhB to see possible the last winter of nice old trains and stock on the Landquart - Davos/Scoul circuits.


420 242 5 tank wagons (2 ex-works) from Buchs towards Landquart
11146 IR Zurich - Chur
1116 209 1334 dep to Bratislava
620 013 mixed freight Buchs - Zurich
620 043 Holcim cement towards Landquart
otherwise Sargans is now 502 new tilting d/d plastic ‘heaven’

At Landquart 420 242 formed up on lar miced freight for northbound to ZRH

Checked in to highly recommended Hotel Terminus Küblis. Room immediately above Platform 1 of station. Hotel back door exits on to platform.
Observations at Küblis based on time train passed hotel.

LQ = Landquart, KL = Klosters


613 16.13 to LQ
616 16.43 to LQ
632 18.19 to Klosters
629 18.23 freight non stop towards LQ
618 18.44 to LQ
624 18.48 to KL


629 8.10 to LQ
633 8.14 to Scuol RE1221
614 9.44 to Disentis RE1224
707 9.44 to St Moritz RE1327
623 10.15 to KL RE1229
633 10.44 to LQ RE1228

618 11.20 to LQ RE1232
617 11.30 RE1233
512 on Davos ski shuttle
624 16.56 to LQ RE1354
614 17.42 to LQ RE1256
612 RE1359 to SM


706 18.20 freight to LQ
626 18.14 to LQ
623 18.14 to Scuol

Thurs 20/2

650 on 10.10 Davos

ski-ing day

616 18.14 to Scuol
702 18.20 freight to LQ
617, 624, 633 also seen

Fri 21/2


649 08.10 to Davos
611 8.14 to LQ
624 09.16 to SM
650 09.50 to LQ
627 10.14 to LQ
615 10.14 to Scuol


612 towards Zernez
614 to LQ


627 12.30 LQ - SM
611 13.29 SM - LQ
612 ,620 pontresina circuit

644 on Albula
614 15.48 to LQ
701 northbound evening long freight ready
630 parked
613 16.08 to Scuol

619 Preda Sledge shuttle


632 9.44 to LQ
611 10.14 to LQ

626 10.17 to Scuol
612 11.05 to Scuol
616 12.00 to Scuol
627 12.05 to Scuol

621 15.49 to Disentis
631 16.14 to Scuol
620 16.19 to Scuol
631 16.48 to Pontresina



706 9.44 to SM
630 11.14 to Scuol

617 12.32 to Scuol
623 13.29 to Scuol
630 13.29 to Disentis
622 14.02 to SM
706 14.04 to LQ
617 14.28 to LQ

Later in the afternoon set off for home via all carts to ZRH flughafen

Re: MOB Loco-hauled trains?


Am 27.02.2020 um 15:17 schrieb csipromo via Groups.Io:
AFAIK the Goldenpass trains are still locomotive hauled, with a
locomotive situated in the middle of the consist with a pilot coach
(steuerwagen) at either end.
Currently the situation is like this:

fitted with new *Schwab* couplers are
Ge 4/4 8001, 8002, 8004
motor coaches 9201-04, 9301-04
driving trailer 151 (117 being in Chernex workshop)
Golden Pass Classic coaches 103, 107, 201, 202
panoramic coaches 1st 111, 112, 114,
panoramic coaches 2nd 251, 252
low floor panoramic 2nd 231, 235, 236, 237, 238
EW I coaches 203, 204, 205, 216, 217, 218, 303

151 was released from workshop recently and I don't know if it is already in use. Panoramic consist I have seen on 31 Dec was:

still fitted with central *buffer*
GDe 4/4 6001-06
driving trailers 152, 116
panoramic coaches 1st 118, 119, 110 (original livery)
panoramic coaches 2nd 220, 222, 224, 225
low floor panoramic 2nd 232, 233, 234

consists of 31 Dec:
(consists from Montreux end)

Markus, Gürbetal

Ceneri base tunnel

Martin Baumann

The tunnel will be taken into service overnight 29.02 to 01.03 to start test running. At the same time Taverne to Lugano will be converted to ETCS Level two signalling (which the tunnel will have from the start)

The Federal opening ceremony is scheduled for 04.09.2020 and an opening festival will take place 12/13.12.2020 Timetabled traffic will start on the 13th

Re: MOB Loco-hauled trains?


On Thu, Feb 27, 2020 at 06:23 AM, csipromo wrote:

AFAIK the Goldenpass trains are still locomotive hauled, with a locomotive
situated in the middle of the consist with a pilot coach (steuerwagen) at
either end.


Mike C
According to the MOB website the Steuerwagen with VIP seats are currently not available, probably because they are being converted to Schwab couplings. In any case, there are only two such trainsets (= four Steuerwagen Ast 116/117 and Ast 151/152) available.

Rgds, Thomas.

End of season


Today it was decided to cancel Engadin Marathon after two Italian children staying in Engadin were discovered to be infected with Coronavirus.

Markus, Gürbetal

Re: MOB Loco-hauled trains?


AFAIK the Goldenpass trains are still locomotive hauled, with a locomotive situated in the middle of the consist with a pilot coach (steuerwagen) at either end.


Mike C

MOB Loco-hauled trains?



As soon as the weather gets sunnier I want to try to photograph some loco-hauled trains on the MOB. Are any of the midday trains in particular loco-hauled or does that change daily? I already know that the two "Belle Époque" turns are normally Be 4/4 9200/ABe 4/4 9300. Are the early morning/late evening trains also loco-hauled (or ABDe 8/8 4000)?

Rgds, Thomas.

Re: SBB conductor key


Here are three keys (Ricardo):


Mike C

Mid-life refurbishment of ICN trainsets

Chris Wood

According to an article posted today in Railway Gazette International, Swiss Federal Railways has announced plans to undertake the SFr400m mid-life refurbishment of its 44 ICN tilting inter-city trainsets in 2021-29. The work will be undertaken at Yverdon-les-Bains, and will ensure a further 20 years of operation.

BOB Wilderswil

Martin Baumann

Due to the construction of the Wilderswil (road) bypass the BOB line is being realigned in the vicinity of the end of the local airfield. The existing formation will close after traffic on 13.04.2020 and the new one will open on 25.04.2020.  BOB have confirmed to me that the distance will be reduced by 34 metres but that they are also adjusting the kilometre posts back towards Interlaken so distances beyond the deviation will not change.  Interlaken Ost (buffers) is current minus 180 metres and will therefore change to minus 146 metres. The reason for the minus distances is the expansion of the airfield in 1957 which took over the original formation, the current one being brought into use on August 8th that year

RhB 706 today


706 did first two runs of turn 313 vice ge4/4II today. However was swapped for 621 for last run (RE1351)

Live video in RhB Alvra sets


I was travelling from St Moritz towards Chur recently and one of the in-train video screens was displaying "Live Cam" which appeared to come from a camera on the the front of the Driving Trailer. There were obviously problems with it as the video kept freezing and having to be re-started. It would appear that there are some gremlins to solve.

MGB Xm 4/4


I think MGB Xm 4/4 901-904 and X 4995-96 ex DZ 2352 and 54 are not too well known. They are of the type of equipment you have to buy but hope to never use.


Film by HIlton, who delivered the vehicles.

Markus, Gürbetal

SBB conductor key


Maybe You have technical draw of SBB conductor as per picture below.
Best regardsTomasz Sztencel

New file uploaded to Notification <SwissRail+notification@...>


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Re 4/4 II confirmed day workings for 2020

The Team

Re 4/4 II 2020

Martin Baumann

I am about to add a text document in the files section, mainly based on reisezü , listing all day trains booked for Re 4/4 II except the majority of 420 LION for which confirmed workings are unavailable. The following rules apply:

If a train is booked 421 this is noted after the arrival time.

If there is no number after the arrival time, except 421 if required, then the train is Re 4/4 II 7 days per week.

If a train is only Re 4/4 II on certain days this is indicated by 1 to 7 1 = Monday 7 = Sunday

If a train is booked a pair it is indicated by repeating the train number as in this example

IR 2276 Zürich HB 17:08 Basel SBB 18:13 1 to 5
IR 2276 Zürich HB 17:08 Basel SBB 18:13 1 to 5

The latest Eisenbahn Amateur reports the maximum requirement is 38 single locos and 9 LION pairs. The latter seems wrong, I think it should be 12

Re: More Stadler units for Zentralbahn

Martin Baumann

"I assumed that meant four three-car power units, and two separate intermediate trailer cars, as with the current "

That is correct, the two new units will be 7 cars with the middle car being a potentially separate vehicle but not a Bistro.

The half replacement suggested by Krist would be something like 150 101+150 301 then 151 211 replacing 150 201

Re: More Stadler units for Zentralbahn

Chris Wood

The more I read this thread, the more I don't understand it. The link in the original post talks about two new seven car ADLERs. So I assumed that meant four three-car power units, and two separate intermediate trailer cars, as with the current ADLERs.

Martin Baumann then writes:

The Adler units will be 151 011 and 151 012 and will not have a Bistro car
So does that mean that the new Adlers will only be six cars long. Or will they still have an intermediate trailer car, but it just won't contain a bistro.

Krist then writes:

I assume they could also be used to replace a half set from a Luzern - Interlaken express Adler.
Which could be read as suggesting that what is on order ('they') are just two three-car power units (obviously you couldn't replace half a Luzern - Interlaken express set with a whole seven car 151).

Can anybody clarify?.

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