Re: New Zurich trams finally ordered

Martin Baumann

4001 entered passenger service today. It's current location can be found by going to

Regular use of the type on line 11 is expected from Monday 19th

Re: SBB Cargo locos

Martin Baumann

On Tue, Oct 6, 2020 at 10:01 PM, Martin Baumann wrote:

All Re 4/4 III remaining in traffic will be stopped tomorrow, not necessarily permanently, except 11364
11368 returned to traffic today

Re: Re 4/4 II and III

Martin Baumann

420 207 is now back in service after R1 Bellinzona 09.10.2020

Eppenberg Tunnel open

Martin Baumann

Opened to traffic today 12.10.2020  As with the Ceneri selected trains will use it until December when all long distance passenger trains will use it except Zurich to Basel via Aarau , trains towards Biel via Oensingen and the Wettingen-Olten RE

Verbano Express 29.11.20


The next Verbano Express is available for booking.

From Luino (I) and Bellinzona over the Gotthard to Basel Christmas market, 29.11.20.

Traction: Unspecified electric.

Re: SBB Cargo locos

Martin Baumann

All Re 4/4 III remaining in traffic will be stopped tomorrow, not necessarily permanently, except 11364

All Cargo Re 421 are currently stored except the 5 Lindau locos and 374 on lease to Transrail

SBB Bm 4/4

Martin Baumann

SBB Historic have taken over 18425

Of the original 46 locomotives only two remain with SBB (both SBB-P)

18415 Geneva, a recent transfer from Basel

18435 believed to be in Biel

The following are now with private operators:

18403 Swiss Rail Traffic

18407 Gleisbau Müller

18411 Gleisbau Müller

18416 Swiss Rail Traffic

18424 Gleisbau Müller

18426 Swiss Rail Traffic

18430 Sajet Yverdon

Ceneri curve opened to traffic

Martin Baumann

The curve which allows direct access from Locarno to the Ceneri tunnel opened to traffic on 28.09.2020. Until December it will only have a limited service Monday to Friday:

14009 06:55 Cadenazzo-Lugano

14067 17:30 Cadenazzo-Lugano

14069 18:20 Cadenazzo-Lugano

14012 07:51 Lugano-Cadenazzo

14066 16:51 Lugano-Cadenazzo

14068 17:51 Lugano-Cadenazzo

Re: DB ICE 1

Martin Baumann

401 084+401 584 worked 372 05:58 Interlaken-Berlin yesterday.

Which train it worked to Interlaken on Monday is unknown

Re: Dispozug Lausannne / Re4/4 wanderings

David Prior

>>>>>> On 21 Jul 2020, at 15:59, Gbgen wrote:
Some Re4/4 that were formerly working off Lausanne have been seen on Zurich diagrams recently, including 11157, 11191 and 11196.
On 21 Jul 2020, at 21:30, David Prior wrote:
11157, 11158, 11159, 11191, 11198 all noted working out of Basel (except 11191 which was in Zürich) in recent months.
To update on gbgen’s comment which was circulated in July.

With the lack of work further south there has been a notable increase in Basel appearances from those Re4/4 that previously served the Lake Geneva peak hour trains.

In Sept alone, the following were seen in Basel, the majority on service trains, occasionally only stabled (but assumed to have simply been between passenger duties). The date is the first sighting/report in September; multiple visits were made by some but these are ignored for readability. Twelve of the eighteen are recorded, -and that with still about 50% of the days in home Office.

11156. 08th
11157. 14th
11158. 08th
11159. 15th
11161. Not recorded
11164. 15th
11172. Not recorded
11181. Not recorded
11191. 21st
11192. 10th
11193. Not recorded
11194. Not recorded
11195. 10th
11196. 11th
11197. Not recorded
11198. 18th
11199. 08th
11200. 26th

Typically, of only 6 not noted in the month, both my last two are included. Can anyone please provide a current location or operations of 11172 and 11194 ?


RhB/MGB pre-quarantine trip


After monitoring all year for Ge 4/4 i 603 and 605, I thought I had missed my chance when they both worked on 19/20 September, whilst I was busy in Germany. First though on Friday I received info from David Prior that they should both be available on Saturday 26 September, then the news that from 28 September I would need to go into quarantine on entering Switzerland, then a couple of hours later the news that Germany was also putting my home country on the red list, meant that I had to get ready for an unplanned overnight and use up the last 2 remaining days on my Global Inter Rail pass whilst there were still places open for me to go to.

Saturday 26 September
Arrived in Basel off ICE209 to find that the planned Re 4/4 turn to Zürich was only running as far as Brugg AG and wasn't an Re 4/4 today anyway. EC51 had 503022+610010, which I did to Olten as I needed the 610. Nothing hauled towards Zürich at this time so I settled for scoring 500023 on IC1509. Things got worse when I found that engineering work had also suckered the next move as EC163 was starting from Sargans; I saw it leave Zürich ECS at 07:40. So the best power available to Chur was ICE 412049, which I had scored the previous Saturday.

To kill time I did 704 from Chur to Landquart for 629 back to Chur, then to the booking office to reserve my seat on the GEX to Andermatt for CHF33 as 605 had come up on PE903 as booked.
PE905 arrived on time with 623 and 605 promptly backed on the other end. Train was formed of one Excellence Class, one restaurant class, and three second class coaches. Two of these were quite full, but the one I was reserved in, closest to the restaurant car, was quite empty. As it was now 12:30, lunch was in full swing with waitresses passing through my carriage constantly to serve the two coaches beyond. Wearing a face mask is compulsory except when eating, but as the meal service takes well over an hour, it seems somehow rather pointless. The stock is looking a bit tatty now, the headrests had brown stains where there shouldn't of been, and overall I did not feel the quality that the service is marketed to purvey. But then I was only there for the lok on the front. Baled at Disentis expecting a required HGe 4/4 ii to back on, but it was dud 3 so I was glad to be heading back the other way.

HGe 4/4 ii 4 arrived from Andermatt, connecting into 629 on the 13:44 to Scoul-Tarasp which I did to Ilanz to pick up 603 on the 14:31 to Trin. The conductor volunteered that the train would go empty to Reichenau and that I could travel with them, but only if I was coming back as it wouldn't be platformed there. My original plan had been to stick with 603 for the rest of the day but when I realised that 704 was out I decided to travel home via Göschenen; I had also been nervous that with the engineering work IC936 might not be an Re 4/4 today. So baled at Trin for 704 back to Disentis where I was delighted to find required Deh 4/4 23 waiting on the 16:14 to Andermatt.

With the heavy snowfall of the day before the snowline was at about 1000 m above sea level. So a spectacularly white journey over the Oberalp Pass ensued. First we passed 4 on 852 as expected, then 856, which I was expecting to be a unit, was Deh 4/4 ii 92. At Andermatt, 51 arrived from Brig, then returned there at 17:37. Very surprised to see unit 2027 arrive from Göschenen and return there on the 17:29. This was flagged for the kick out at 17:50 which produced winner 54. Did this to Göschenen and waited there whilst 54 did the 18:14 to Andermatt and the 18:29 back down again. Then did required 524112 to Erstfeld for 460009 on the IR from Erstfeld to Basel for the ICE208 overnight back north.

An awesomely successful day. Huge Thank You to David Prior for the advance gen on the Ge 4/4 i.

Re: SBB Cargo locos

Martin Baumann

It is not looking good for the 421 either. SBB Cargo currently have only 421 376 in traffic.
Transrail are currently leasing 374 and 386 for sugar beet trains.
The five locos used for Munich (371 379 383 392 394) trains are in traffic but will not be required by SBB P after December and it is uncertain if they will be used by Cargo when returned.

Stored at Full 421 380 385 388 390
Stored at RBL 421 372 375 376 377 378 384 389 391

421 373 now with Widmer Rail Service
421 381 now with Widmer Rail Service
11382 never rebuilt as 421 withdrawn after fire damage Leventina 31.01.2002
421 387 now with Transrail
421 393 now with Transrail
421 395 withdrawn after Winterthur accident 07.02.2017
421 396 withdrawn 12.07.2018 due to damaged transformer
421 397 withdrawn 07.02.2019 reason unknown

Re: 11173

Andrew Moglestue

I was on that tour today with two friends. Was anybody else from this group on the train?

Re: RhB : krok caped

David Prior

On 26 Sep 2020, at 12:27, Martin Baumann <> wrote:
On Sat, Sep 26, 2020 at 10:29 AM, David Prior wrote:
blag a dog
English translation please :-(
Ah ... sorry !
Dogs are not allowed on GEx because food is served to all seats, and I have ours with me. To blag would be to persuade the staff to let me on against the rules ... unlikely, but in extremes you have to try

Re: RhB : krok caped

David Prior

.... on safety / heating grounds, as it’s snowing quite steadily in Davos area today.

414 and set replaced by 618 and normal set today.

Re: 11173


11173 is on the DSF Charter from Koblenz on a circular tour around Zürich

Re: 11173


11173, still red, produced as booked today

A couple of SBBC queries


A Swiss contact went to Frauenfeld earlier this week and saw two trains of imported organic sugarbeet.One train was hauled by EDG 446 loks and the other by Beacon Rail 185 596.
One train was of SK - CWAG open wagons.
He also saw the building waste train at Yverdon - so that's the second query answered.

Re: SBB-P Re 4/4 II potential withdrawals

Martin Baumann

11108 authority to run expired today and there are no plans for an overhaul to allow it to return to traffic. (An overhaul would be mandatory for the loco to run again having had 2 TK)

Re: SBB Cargo locos

Martin Baumann

Also 421 380 385 388 390 are currently stored in RBL

841 - 860 of 28835