Re: Zürich HB collision

Martin Baumann

921 was being hauled by 11122. The unit was 511 121 which was empty stock

Zürich HB collision

Martin Baumann

A 511 unit has collided with IC 921 (12:07 to Chur) in Zürich HB. First reports suggest nobody has been injured. 921 was being hauled by a first series Re 4/4 II which seems to have been in a side collision with the unit

Re: SBB-P Re 4/4 II potential withdrawals

Martin Baumann

"11161 R1 28.02.2012"

11161 was sent to Bellinzona works this morning via train 2891

Re: Cargo Re 4/4 II stored

Martin Baumann

11177 and 11315 went to Bellinzona today for removal of parts and then scrapping

Re: Laufenburg to Koblenz line

Martin Baumann

I last did the line in 1991 when there were through semi fast trains from Winterthur to Basel by that route:

27.07.1991 0732 Winterthur-Basel 11373 Train 2806

Re: Laufenburg to Koblenz line


Am 13.09.2018 um 20:10 schrieb StuartSmith via Groups.Io:
It was also covered by
.. VRS at its general assembly 2016, May 28th, where members had to pay CHF 10 and non-members CHF 20 with WM BDe 4/4 2 from Brugg via Stein-Säckingen to Koblenz.

Markus, Gürbetal

Re: Laufenburg to Koblenz line


It was also covered by Alan Spencer (Charters Helvetica) in 2009 and by Alan Spencer / Mercia Charters in 2006

Laufenburg to Koblenz line

Martin Baumann

There is an opportunity to travel on this line, closed to passengers 28.05.1994, on October 20th this year. The train also runs over the direct curve connecting the Bülach-Zürich line to Seebach which is also non passenger (It was covered by Desparate Railtours in 2011)

Basel SBB Depart provisionally 1700
runs to Laufenburg-Koblenz-Bülach-Zürich Seebach-Brugg-Frick-Basel SBB arrival around 2100

It will be worked by railcar WM BDe 4/4 2 (owned by DSF)

First Class non dining SFR 78
First Class dining SFR 128

Bookings by email by 10th October to gasser.edith [at]

SBB-P Re 4/4 II potential withdrawals

Martin Baumann

With the likely increase in 502 unit workings in December 2018 at the expense of 460s which will then see the latter replace Re 4/4 II the following locos are probably at risk of withdrawal having been longest out of works

11108 R1 25.01.2012
11129 R1 18.01.2012
11131 R1 30.05.2012
11134 R1 21.08.2012
11135 R1 19.09.2012
11140 R2 06.04.2012
11145 R1 21.03.2011 (TK 11.12.2017)
11148 R1 25.05.2011 (TK 07.12.2017)
11152 R1 29.05.2010 (TK 20.12.2017)
11155 R1 17.11.2012

11157 R1 29.03.2012
11161 R1 28.02.2012
11191 R1 09.02.2012
11198 R1 30.08.2012

SBB-P do still pay for overhauls on Re 4/4 II and this year the following have been to Bellinzona:
11194 R2 31.07.2018
11300 R2 18.06.2018
11301 R2 30.08.2018

Re: The Rosshäuserntunnel

George Raymond

The new Rosshäuserntunnel, on the Bern-Neuchâtel line opened on 3rd >September. It will cut 90 seconds off of the journey time and >promises better punctuality.
Article in English:


Re: The Rosshäuserntunnel


Am 11.09.2018 um 18:20 schrieb Hayward Godwin via Groups.Io:
It will cut 90 seconds off of the journey time and promises better
... which is not primarily due to the higher speed, but to the now available double track, through to Bern. From the other end (West of the tunnel) the doubling will be continued to Gümmenen. This requires a double track over the old beautiful Saaneviadukt. The existing stone structure will be maintained. It is so stable that it is possible to build a broader platform on it which will take two instead of only one tracks. Thus the general aspect of the bridge will change only slightly. Only part completely new will be the steel truss over the river.

official animated picture attached


The Rosshäuserntunnel

Hayward Godwin

The new Rosshäuserntunnel, on the Bern-Neuchâtel line opened on 3rd September. It will cut 90 seconds off of the journey time and promises better punctuality.

Re: slow up Emmental 09/09/2018


Sorry, links to photos were not complete, now they are

Am 09.09.2018 um 20:48 schrieb Keith Hookham:
Back to the gen anyway. The specials were worked today by electric EBT
102 & Kettle device 5810.
Peter Hürzeler published some nice photos of the two trains

Re: slow up Emmental 09/09/2018


Am 09.09.2018 um 20:48 schrieb Keith Hookham:
Back to the gen anyway. The specials were worked today by electric EBT
102 & Kettle device 5810.
Peter Hürzeler published some nice photos of the two trains


Re: MGB new units


Am 09.09.2018 um 19:53 schrieb tudor erich via Groups.Io:
Or is there some secret plan to extend the line dramatically?
The plan is neither secret nor will it lead to an extension of the network. MGB wants to build an adehsion-only tunnel Täsch - Zermatt. Financing of this project might be decided within one year.

This would allow to move the current shuttles - after some adaptations - to the Schöllenen line.

Markus, Gürbetal

SBB slow up Emmental 09/09/2018

Keith Hookham

So today was my last day in Switzerland and I had to make my way from
Lausanne up to Zürich Airport. I had been given information earlier
(thank you for that. You know who you are.) in the week that there
were special services running between Huttwil & Sumiswald-Grünen due
to the Slow Up Emmental Sunday taking place. I believe the line was
last run by BLS but then closed and is now only open on certain days
when run their specials. I ventured to Huttwil via
Bern firstly from Lausanne with 460087 providing the traction on the
08.20 departure. At Bern I changed to the 09.39 departure towards
Zürich which are now 511 units. I alighted at Langenthal to get on an
already biked out 3 car Nina unit to Huttwil. Unfortunately due to
Platform lengths it would not have mattered a jot if a second, third,
fourth or loads of units had been attached as the whole world decided
they were going to try to get on at all intermediary shacks. It was
shocking and also laughable to see sometimes. In fact at least 20
people were left behind at various stations. Arrival into Huttwil then
was about 11’ late.
Back to the gen anyway. The specials were worked today by electric EBT
102 & Kettle device 5810.
After doing the kettle to the middle shack for 102 back to Huttwil it
was the unit for unit for unit for unit to Zürich Airport and my plane

Cheers Keith.

Re: MGB new units

tudor erich

MGB have requested tenders for 27 new three car EMU, four of which
will be adhesion only. There will be options for up to 34 additional units
according to the official document
However many can they use?
Four units dedicated to Visp-Brig shuttles only? Where else could they be used - accross the Goms perhaps?
Or is there some secret plan to extend the line dramatically?


August trip report (Gotthard, Spiez, RhB)


Switzerland Aug 2018

mainly normal summer holiday but quite a lot seen simply by dint of walking along valleys with railways and travelling by train

Drove to CH from Calais (did not get Furka Tunnel for haulage on Le Shuttle!) via a night in Belfort

12/8/18 Klus
now usual fairly boring Domino set on OeBB working, but some interesting stock in the depot and an original convex enamel Swiss station sign on a nice station building

13 - 15/8 lakeside hotel at Weggis
all five paddle steamers seen including Stadt Luzern coming up for retirement pre overhaul

14/8 Immensee
476 453 northbound railcare containers
456 093 + 456 095 16.04 eastbound VAE
460 062 northbound IR

15/8 - transfer day so had lunch by the Gotthardbahn near Steinen (SZ), my understanding of Swiss rail operations proved correct in that there is non-passenger rail activity on 15 August despite it being a public holiday locally.

Various 460s (inc 008, 027, 066), duck bill ETRs and Flirts, amongst which:

420 278 - namer ’Cham’ postal southbound 13:04
uid Re6/6 southbound trip freight 13:20
620 005 (the oldest Re6/6 in SBB service) northbound trip freight 13:38
BLS 475 414 southbound Ambrogio Intermodal 14:04
11194 + 11196 (‘double headed’ light engine southbound) 14:18
620 028 southbound with two older style vans 14:32

a couple of hours in the morning on Spiez station
Absolute proof that it was mid summer with around 12 locos of about 7 different classes parked (with the occasional movement between stabling points) spare around the station area, including:
485 014, 018
465 017

passing 460s: (Interlaken line) 035, 043, 088

(Visp line) 045, 049, 053, 055, 073,

Re 420 501 12.26 EWIII towards Interlaken

passing non passenger movements

923 007 southbound trip freight towards Frutigen 10:51
620 050 oil tankers ex Interlaken 11:00
485 003 + 186 106 southbound containers

plus the 'money shot' of the whole trip:
all-plain-red Re20/20 northbound : 620 064 leading 11340, 11343, 620 066 (shot of the trip photographically)

Transfer day
drove Spiez - Bergün via Susten and Oberalp passes

Oberalp Pass/Sedrun area
22 westbound at OberalpPass around 13:00 where it crossed 4 eastbound which we overtook to phot at 13:11 at our lineside lunchstop at St Brida chapel near Dieni.
both the above on nice old fashioned EW trainsets
108 westbound Glacier Express 13:16
102 eastbound Glacier Express 13:35
5 lovely pure EW set westbound 13:45

then on to RhB land and our holiday let at Bergün

Unfortunately (in some ways) the change to the operations on the Albula has made recognition of stock more difficult from our regular holiday let (which has a good but ‘across the valley’ view of the Bergün loops. Before the advent of the Alvra sets a quick glance at the advertising livery on a Ge4/4 III easily seen from a distance was all that was required, now 644 and 647 are similar from a distance, and red Ge4/4II on GEX, freight and Alvra workings are not easy to spot from a long distance and/or in poor light/fog etc (hence some of the following notes citing unidentified locos)

Bergün 18/8 (Sat)

631 + Alvra set IR1157 (turn 151)
644 + Alvra set IR1164
619 on freight 5162 (this - the ‘big’ evening northbound Albula freight which always loads to between 10 and 15 wagons is sadly now almost solidly a Ge4/4II not a Ge6/6II

Due to the doubling work at Thusis, the last northbound Albula IR currently terminates at Tiefencastel, so RhB were using a spare EW set (It was almost certainly off the Landquart - St Moritz circuit) to cover this train, so the published loco diagrams were not being honoured (it should be a continuation of one of the Ge4/4III turns)

As this train reaches Bergün as darkness falls in late August (and its also too dark for the Filisur webcam) it was impossible for me to identify the loco, but all week it was a Ge4/4II, with a push pull EW set at weekends, and a non push pull EW set monday - Friday
On 18/8 it was a 5 car p/p set including a centre entrance bicycle coach

19/8 (Sun)
viewed from holiday let

Allegra on EW stock
602 on the Sunday Erlebnis Zug 11:46
647 IR1133 south 12:17 (turn 151)
631 IR1144 north 13:47 (turn 153)
647 IR1148 north 14:47 (turn 152? - diagram swap?)
611 GEX 15:51
628 GEX 16:51
631 IR1153 south 17:17
647 IR1157 south 18:17
644 IR1165 (Allegra vice)

20/8 (Mon)
viewed from walking paths around and about Bergün loops

641 Turn 152 (IR1124, IR1133, IR1148)
631 Turn 151 (IR1121, IR1136, IR1145)
644 IR1128 (Allegra turn 612)
647 Turn 153 (IR1144, IR1153)
Allegra on EW stock IR1132 (turn 611)
701 freight 5129 11:58 (turn 203)
707 freight 5140 12:08 (turn 202)
Allegra IR1137 (turn 612 back to ‘as booked’)
705 freight 5135 13:31 (turn 201)
701 freight 5152 14:04 (turn 203)
617 GEX 904 south 17:10

21/8 (Tues)
Filisur area

641 IR 1129 (Turn 153)
414 11:04 Filisur - Davos
651 (GoT) R1821/R1824 (Turn 154)
650 (Unesco) R1825/R1828 (157)
642 (Integral) R1829/R1832 (155)
649 (Arge) R1833/R1836 (156)
652 (HCD) R1837/R1840 (158)
631 IR1148 (152)
647 IR1145 (151)
706 freight 5151 south

Unexplained lack of southbound GEX at normal mid afternoon times. One eventually turned up past Bergün at 18:17 (hauled by 617)

705 freight 5157 south
uid Ge4/4II freight 5164 north 19:10

4 coach pure hauled set set today on the 20:48 north and 22:17 south past Bergün

(from Bergün - Filisur hike)

623 GEX 905
631, 644, 647 on the Albula lok turns today

701 freight 5129 south
619 GEX 902
650 turn 158
703 freight 5151 south
617 GEX 904
414 on Dav - Fili as usual
619 freight 5164


(train Bergün - Samedan - Spinas, then Spinas - Celerina hike)

617 GEX 903
632 R1925 Scuol - Pontresina
628 RE1334 St Moritz - Landquart
605 from Samedan yard onto wagons near depot for Spinas tunnel trip freight
625 RE1327 LQ - SM
632 R1936 Pont - Scuol, R1948
610 on the Spinas - Preda tippler shuttle
704 freight 5140 northbound
605 arrive Spinas 11:55 and shunts
605 back south around 13:00
605 back northbound again 13:52 past Bever
703 freight 5135 south 14:02
also seen on pax: 611, 628, 641, 644

Bergün - Samedan - Zuoz (walk to S-Chanf) - Vereina - Landquart - Chur - Bergün

train riding circuit day hoping for at least one (last?) ride on one of the ‘1960s sumptuous armchair’ seated 1st class coaches)

617 GEX 903
611 R1925 Scuol - Pont
703 parked
214 shunting
rode Allegra (grrr) vice Ge4/4II on R St Moritz - Landquart 10.58 ex Samedan use of Allegra may have been related to a much longer than usual consist

632 R1929 Scuol - Pont
611 R1936 Pont - Scuol


613 R1933 Sc - Pont
632 R1940 Pont - Scuol
612 RE1335 LQ - SM (pushing, Neva driving trailer leading
613 RE1342 SM - LQ - success! boarded and rode in coach A1255 with the classic armchair seats

nice long ride in A1255 to Küblis

614 RE1245 Dis - Scuol
623 RE1244 Scuol - Dis

649 RE1049 LQ - Dav
rode 623 to Chur for 644 back to Bergün

704 on freight 5157
641 and 647 on other Albula lok turns

25/8 (Saturday)

633 GEX 905
641 IR1129
644 IR1136

353 - unexpected so only viewed from distance from our chalet - southbound with 2 Alpine Pullman coaches

617 GEX 902
647 IR 1157
617 freight 5162


705 erlebnis Zug Chur - Samedan southbound

last railway view of the trip

MGB new units

Martin Baumann

MGB have requested tenders for 27 new three car EMU, four of which will be adhesion only. There will be options for up to 34 additional units according to the official document

Re: SBB-Various 07-09-2018

Paul Burkhalter

The TM does not push, it is there as 'insurance' in case the steam loco has difficulties in the tunnel on the upgrade. Then it will push! I got this from the driver on my trip last September.

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