Martin Baumann

11335 has been given a full repaint in green livery (has been red since 20.01.1999)

So far no information as to why but it might be due to an imminent sale. As of now the loco is till SBB Cargo in the vehicle register.

https://sguggiari.ch/4_foto_varie_1.php?veicolo=1829 (Bellinzona yesterday)

Alan McMillan

It's still the nicest livery for Re4/4s in my view.



Personally, the Re 4/4II in TEE colours was my favorite one to run into. Later, the Swiss Express colours stood out in my mind.
The standard livery (initially) green. and later red were nice. I don't know which one was my favourite.
I do recall that they did not let the loks get quite as dirty in the 1970s as they have recently.

I think that I will go for green for locomotives with the round headlights and red for the ones with the rectangular halogen headlights.


Mike C

Max Wyss

Not to forget the LION livery, which I think makes the locomotive look younger than it actually is.