Ari <space.of.ari@...>

Dear Markus,

I took what I posted from standard news in a book about Switzerland
printed in 1999. Sorry for the imprecisions whether they hurt you, it
was only general informations that had the quality to make a good
summarise. This book is a bit humorist but I think it's good for a
lot a people who don't know anything about trains. You seem having
taken what it was written very strictly.

Let me try to explain why it was written what I post:

-VFS and SFR are not written on the trains, that's why nobody knows

-Private or independent company, the most of the Swiss don't see the

-About buses, we have a bus station in Geneva (not TPG) for long
distance as South France and elsewhere in Switzerland too I suppose�

-How do you name Gen�ve-La plaine? I think it's a 'train local'

-I hope that the tunnels open to lorries trains can also see
passenger trains�

All the best