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Now the personal thing, sorry, but as it was posted to everybody, I have to
post the answer to everybody:
Dear Ari,
The impecisions did not hurt me, I just think that we should have
informations as precise as possible on SwissRail. We can leave imprecisions
to newspaper, television and the like. There you will find plenty of it
anyway... If you found all these imprecise informations in a book, I would
not recommend this book. I think there are enough books about Swiss
railways, that are precise.

Still two points:
1. Those people in Switzerland who speak about SBB as privatized, they
really think that. What means, they do not know the reality. SBB is not
private, definitely not. British Rail was privatized.
2. Busses starting from the Geneva bus station are NOT ALLOWED to take
passengers for a ride within Switzerland!

From: "Ari " <space.of.ari@...>

Dear Markus,

I took what I posted from standard news in a book about Switzerland
printed in 1999. Sorry for the imprecisions whether they hurt you, it
was only general informations that had the quality to make a good
summarise. This book is a bit humorist but I think it's good for a
-Private or independent company, the most of the Swiss don't see the

-About buses, we have a bus station in Geneva (not TPG) for long
distance as South France and elsewhere in Switzerland too I suppose.

-How do you name Gen�ve-La plaine? I think it's a 'train local'
Gen�ve - La Plaine is an "RER" (S-Bahn) which, in this case means "Rh�ne
Express R�gional" instead of the official "R�seau Express R�gional". In any
case, the train numbers are from the series for S-Bahn trains (15000 Gen�ve
and Berne, 17000 Basel, 18000/19000 Z�rich).

Markus Giger