American at the Jungfraubahn Holding

Giger-Baumann <giger.baumann@...>

Ron Langley, a Californian, holds 17.6% of the stock of Jungfraubahn Holding (JBH), which owns Jungfraubahn (JB), Wengernalpbahn (WAB), Lauterbrunnen - Mürren (BLM) and some cable transport. Originally, Langley wanted to buy another 26%, but the company restricted the possibility of any person to represent a maximum of 5% of the shares. Langley tried to fight this rule but failed. Today's newspaper says, JBH accepts to elect him as a member of the "Verwaltungsrat" (is this the managing board?), although usual language there is German. General assembly will be held on june 13th.
Markus Giger