SBB GTW 2/6 is a GTW 2/8

Giger-Baumann <giger.baumann@...>

Issue 6/2000 of Schweizerische Eisenbahn-Revue, just appeared, gives a drawing of the new Stadler-cars ordered by SBB. It shows a GTW 2/6 which has a fourth element between traction unit and one driving trailer. So, in fact it is a GTW 2/8. The difference against MThB is, that their additional driving trailers can be uncoupled but therefor have two bogies. Showing an axle with "o", a cab with "/" or "\", depending on direction and "¦" for an end without cab, the configurations look like this:
MThB with driving trailer coupled: /oo------¦¦oo¦¦------oo\¦oo------oo\
MThB without driving trailer: /oo------¦¦oo¦¦------oo\   (this is the standard layout for a GTW 2/6)
SBB Seetal: /oo------¦¦oo¦¦------oo¦¦------oo\
As already told here, SBB cars only will have a width of 2.65m and are low floor 40cm, which is 15cm lower than newer standard for plattforms (55m)! I do not think that SBB will be very lucky with their new aquisition. It should be added, that Seelinie of MThB despite its similar name is very different from Seetalbahn (SBB). The Seelinie going along the lake of Constance and then along the Rhine has no serious gradients. Seetalbahn going along the road in a hilly area has gradients up to 3.6%. It can be asked, how these trains will perform under such conditions. Of course, maximum speed was lowered to 115 km/h (instead of 140 km/h) but one can doubt whether this is enough.
Slovak railways ŽSR have now ordered standard gauge diesel version of GTW 2/6 for Poprad Tatry - Tatranska Lomnica. Delivery of the former order of 14 narrow gauge d.c. GTW 2/6 will start in October.
Swiss Government has decided that SBB can close its Seetalbahn branchline Beinwil - Beromünster. Passenger trafic on this line was transfered to bus in 1992, freight transports to Reinach and Menziken continued. Closing the line will allow the narrow gauge railway WSB Wynen- und Suhrentalbahn to relocate its rails from the road to the former SBB right-of-way.
  official press release (in German, French or Italian) with map:
For WSB this is another step in a long series of relocations. It is also planned to close the standard gauge Aarau - Suhr SBB line and to relocate WSB to this right-of-way. But this change has not yet been approved by the Government.
Freight traffic to Reinach and Menziken will be taken over by WSB with transporter-bogies. I doubt whether this system with high costs (loading/unloading of standard gauge freight cars in Suhr) will last for long.
Markus Giger