BLS dining car

Giger-Baumann <giger.baumann@...>

The only dining car of BLS, WR 451 ex BT (1966) is - for the first time in its live - in regular use all the year. It is now called BistroBar GOLDEN PASS and rolls together with a Salon Bleu in RX 2348 and 2357: 
0936 Interlaken Ost 
1040 Zweisimmen 
1620 Zweisimmen 
1724 Interlaken Ost 
RX in the Simmental are usually push-pull compositions with Ae 4/4. So RX 2348 is composed as follows:
BDt - AB - B - BD - Ae 4/4 - B - WR - A
WR 451 (which already had this number on Bodensee - Toggenburg-Bahn) was built for special purposes. Only five weeks in summer it found regular use in a push-pull-composition Romanshorn - St. Gallen - Rapperwil - Luzern (now Voralpenexpress) instead of BT buffet car WR 450. In 1982 with a train every two hours (Taktfahrplan), it was decided to stop buffet car service and a minibar was used instead. The two BT cars WR 450 and 451 were sold to BLS, the buffet car WR 242 of SOB found a new task Monday to Friday in commuter trains Einsiedeln - Zürich, replacing there the old Br 241. WR 450 was in regular use on the Lötschberg until replacement by the rebuilt cheese-WR of SBB. It was sold back to BT and is now a service car, still in its true task, but instead of passengers the track gang sits at the tables. Romanshorn - Luzern again has buffet cars, now every hour, so eight "Revvivo" cars (six in daily use) are needed:
BR 551-554 BT (full numbers: 50 48 85-35 551...)
BR 700-701 SBB (50 85 85-35 700...)
BR 771-772 SOB (50 47 85-35 771...), 772 is the protoype Revvivo car of 1995 (a rebuild from unified car type I = Einheitswagen I)
Markus Giger