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Hi,I have been trying to locate some information
concerning the history and construction of the
Schilthorn.Can you help me out?
One thinks that the Schilthorn was erected about the same time as Eiger, M�nch
and Jungfrau. Exact date is not known, as there were no historians nearby. ;-)

If you would rather like to know, when the cabelway ("Luftseilbahn") was
constructed, there is quite more information around. There is even a booklet
"Schilthorn umstgeigen" from 1979, also available in English. And in the
Schweers book "Jungfrauregion" are some informations. The Schilthornbahn (LSMS)
consists of four sections and was opened in 1965 and 67. A speciality is that
section 1 Stechelberg - Gimmelwald and section 2 Gimmelwald - M�rren only have
one cabin each, being pulled by the same rope. They start simultaneousely in
M�rren and Stechelberg and meet in Gimmelwald where passengers can change. After
this, the two cabins go out at the same time again. It could not be built as one
through going section, because there is an angle of about 44� between the two
lines in Gimmelwald. A cabelway going straight down from M�rren to Stechelberg
was built for goods transport only. Some months ago this installation got a
federal concession and can now serve as backup when section 1 and 2 need
reapair, but only off-season, as capacity is restricted. On such occasions a
minibus goes from M�rren to Gimmelwald (there is no road down to Stechelberg).
The route post bus Lauterbrunnen - Stechelberg and cabelway to M�rren is in fact
a competitor to the BLM, going up with a funicular ("Standseilbahn") to
Gr�tschalp and then continues with a meter gauge railway to M�rren.

Section 3 M�rren - Birg was the first opened on 13 March 1965, followed by
sections 1 and 2 on (necessarily the same date) 23 June 1965. Section 4 Birg -
Schilthorn opened 12 June 1967. The famed turning restaurant on the top was
finished in 1969. Before being opened it served as acting place "Piz Gloria" in
a James Bond film. The name "Piz Gloria" was kept as a good marketing name.

Is this what you wanted to know? Ask, if you need more information.

Markus Giger