Re Gotthard Route Update


Thanks for the update Martin. I am pleased things went ok. Lets hope SBB can get the infrastructure repaired in time for the July reopening.

Just out of interest, does anybody know what has happened to The SBB train staff normally based in Erstfeld during the closure. I know Erstfeld is not the hub it once was, but there must still be many staff based in and around The Erstfeld main shed ?

Thank you

Andrew Muff

martinbaumann112 <martinbaumann112@...>

Current SBB travel information saying line will reopen at 2200 on 02.07.2012

Martin Baumann


The Federal office for roads announced that they will allow convoys of trucks with dangerous goods through Gotthard road tunnel (whil closing the tunnel for other traffic) as a consequence of the rail closing. However, until now no trucks wanted to make use of this possibility...

Meanwhile the L�tschberg route is filled with freight trains to its capacity. Most passenger trains suffer from a few minutes delay (but enough for me to miss my correspondence in Thun).

Information from well informed people is that the true bottleneck is Domodossola. At least it could be reached that customs are now available 24 hours.

Markus, G�rbetal


Has any freight been rerouted via Geneva-Lyon-Modane (Frejus) - Torino?

Has this situation given rise to any further talk about the potential of a new route from Chur to Italy as an alternative or are they still focusing on the Base Tunnel as the solution?

Would another route situated between the Gotthard and the Brenner be a good idea?


Mike C