Rolling motorway in Basel SBB

George Raymond

This morning July 23 at 10:10, I saw a rolling motorway train with its
lorries facing east on track 4 of Basel SBB station. At the west end of the
train was a BLS Cargo locomotive bearing the numbers 016 on its front and
9185 4485 016-0 on its side.

Freight trains on the Basel SBB platform tracks are rare. Perhaps this
relates to the downing of catenary by falling trees between Freiburg im
Breisgau and Basel last night. My ICE from Cologne ended in Freiburg and the
DB put four of us into a taxi for the rest of the trip to Basel.


Andrew Moglestue

The rolling motorway is normally turned at the Weil yard using a loop (baloon) track.

This turning is necessary because the lorries need to be able to drive off the ramp in the forwards direction,

On the rare occasions that the baloon track is not avialble, the next best place to reverse is in Basel SBB station.

Possibly this may have to do with the construction work presently going on at Weil in preparation for the construction of the 3rd and 4th tracks between Basel Bad and the junction of the Katzenberg tunnel.


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The trains are being rerouted from Basel Bad. Guterbahnhof to Basel SBB because the bridge that carries direct traffic from Germany to Muttenz is being renovated.


Mike C

Andrew Moglestue

if it's the bridge that is the problem, would this then imply that all freight is being diverted?