"Crocodile" Ce 6/8 III no. 14305 Bound for Sweden

Don Newing

Georg Trueb reports on Railpicures.net that Ce 6/8 III no. 14305 of SBB Historic will leave Switzerland at the end of the month bound for Sweden where it will take part where it will take part in the celebrations of 100 years of railway electrification on the 12/13 September. It will be hauled dead from Switzerland to Sweden via Germany and Poland. One of the pantographs has been fitted with a wider contact strip to permit operation in Sweden.

Andrew Moglestue

you say this loco is going via Poland? Is there a train ferry from Poland to Sweden?
Wouldn't Sassnitz to Trelleborg me the quicker option?

Martin Baumann

14305 had to be set out at Berlin Grunewald with a hotbox. The SBB Historic coaches have continued to Sweden without the Crocodile. SBB Historic hope to get a mobile repair team from Meiningen to repair the loco on site and hope it will be able to continue to Sweden.

Martin Baumann

14305 has been repaired and has resumed the journey to Sweden. Currently in Hamburg, they expect to arrive at their destination on Friday


Am 08.09.2015 um 23:17 schrieb martin98baumann@outlook.com [SwissRail]:
they expect to arrive at their destination on Friday
Meanwhile the crocodile is working in Sweden under its own power


Markus, G├╝rbetal

John Lovda

Can someone tell me where this Crocodile normally resided in Switzerland. Is it a Historic locomotive or privately owned?

Martin Baumann

SBB Historic owned. Was kept at Basel Depot for many years but normally based at Olten now

John Lovda

Thank you Martin.