Graubunden Pass


Does anyone know if the Graubunden Pass includes the SBB line from Landquart to Chur?

With thanks in advance.



From the pdf on the web site:

3 or 5 days unlimited travel in the region of your choice or
throughout Graubünden on the network of the Rhaetian Railway,
the SBB, the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn (Disentis/Mustér –
PostBus, Davos public transport services, Engadin
Bus, Silvestri Bus Livigno, Chur town buses, local buses in
Klosters, Scuol and St Moritz and on the Rhäzüns – Feldis cable
car and the Martina, cunfin – Mals/Malles stretch

glenn allen

On Thursday, 24 March 2016,

Does anyone know if the Graubunden Pass includes the SBB line from Landquart to Chur?

In a word , yes ,

from the RhB web site :

The graubündenPASS is valid in the Swiss canton of Graubünden on the networks of the Rhaetian Railway, the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) and the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn, on PostBus, Davos Transport Services (VBD), Engadin Bus, Chur town buses, Silvestri Bus Livigno, local buses in Klosters, Scuol and St. Moritz, and takes you up to lofty heights on the Rhäzüns-Feldis cable-car line.

speaks of 2 days free travel during a 7 day period or 5 days during a 14 day period, including on the Chur-Bad Ragaz section of the SBB line.

The full Swiss Travel Pass costs more, but would allow you to use it each day during your stay.
On a recent trip, I had a 7 day Pass, but needed to travel on the 8th day and a short trip from Zurich to the Luzern area cost quite a bit. There may also be differences in discounts or services offered on private companies (cable cars, mountain trains, local bus) between local, regional and national passes.

It all depends on how long your stay is going to be. You should also verify where the GraubuendenPass allows use on consecutive days or whether they have to be spaced out as with the Flex Pass.


Mike C


As I read it, it is basically a hybrid offer of 2 day or 5 day validity, reasonable value if used as consecutive but with the flexibility of a flexi option using the longer overall validity of each version. I've always avoided this pass as it doesn't give you the option to go north for the day on SBB if the mood takes you, especially if your base is northern Graubünden. (I've always considered northern Graubünden a good base for day trips north after all its only a couple of hours from Chur to the Appenzell Alps and the Bodensee).

Incidentally in 2015 it was 3/7 or 5/14 so the 2016 version is less good.