Club 1889 20th Birthday Events - October 2016


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Hello, In the past week, Historic RhB has posted details of the Club 1889's 20th Birthday Celebrations. Details of the extensive events planned for the October 15th-16th weekend are available here:
Basically, all of the locos and rolling stock which the Club has restored/been involved in restoring will be in use on special trains over that weekend: Bernina Line, Pontresina - Ospizio Bernina - Krokodil 182 + La Bucunada and Il Mesolcines 4-wheeled Bernina Bahn coaches, Bernina Bahn railcars 30 and 34 hauling Pullman 'Piano Bar.' Engadine Line, Samedan - S-Chanf - G3/4 11 Heidi and 4-wheeled coaches and post van (now called the Whiskey Bar (!)), Ge4/6 353 and end-platform bogie coaches and Fillisurer Stubli. Albula Line, Samedan - Bergun - Ge6/6I Krokodil and Pullman coaches, ABe 4/4 501 and 'Flying Rhatier' set. All will be involved in an intensive timetable to be run over both days. A day pass, allowing you to have as many rides as you like, and hop-on and off anywhere on each route, will be available. For extra passenger capacity, the Club is attempting to hire-in RhB coaches A2 and AB121 from the Blonay-Chamby. Also, there will be a festival at Samedan station and the RhB workshops there will be open to visitors. Lastly, on Friday October 14th, if enough people register their interest, 2 special day-trips will be run as part of the plan to move stock to Samedan/Pontresina: Poschiavo - Pontresina, presumably to move 182, Landquart - Samedan/St. Moritz, the really exciting option - for me as I will be there over that weekend - as G3/4 11 Heidi will haul historic coaches on a Landquart - Klosters - Davos - Fillisur - Bergun - Preda - Samedan - St. Moritz trip. However, these trips will only happen if enough people show their interest - use the Contact Form on the event's website. Final details on them will be published at the end of July. Chris