railway anniversaries 2017 switzerland


Has anyone got a list or know of a link to one.
Previously www.bahnonline.ch http://www.bahnonline.ch have published one but I have not seen it for this year yet.


Martin Baumann

19.03.2017 100 years since BTI section Sisseln-Ins opened

01.06.2017 120 years since Thalwil-Zug and Sihlwald-Sihlbrugg opened Same date for Eglisau-Neuhausen

12.07.1917 100 years since Andermatt to Göschenen opened

01.09.2017 130 years since Frauenfeld-Wil opened

06.10.1917 100 years since Langenthal Gaswerk to St Urban opened

05.11.1967 50 years since WSB Aarau-Distelberg opened

24.11.2017 100 years since NStCM opened to Nyon CFF (since replaced by tunnel)

18.08.2017 100 years since NStCM opened between St Cergue and La Cure

(Nyon temporary station to St Gergue opened 12.07.1916)

20.12.2017 100 years since Bern Bahnhofplatz to Tierspital opened (Narrow Gauge towards Solothurn over Bern tram tracks not used by them since 20.11.1965)


That's brilliant.

Thank you very much.


Also 125 years of SZU with big event planned for 16/17 Sep. Details will appear here:-

http://www.szu.ch/125/ http://www.szu.ch/125/

Martin Baumann

I overlooked 125th anniversaries.

The SZU one is actually 125 years of the Sihltalbahn which opened Selnau to Sihlwald 03.08.1892

The line to Uetliberg opened 12.05.1875

SZU as such has only existed since 01.01.1973

More 125:

Brienz to Rothorn 17.06.2017

Stein-Säckingen to Koblenz 01.08.2017

Glion to Rochers de Naye which opened in three stages in 1892 and was complete 16.09.1892

La Chaux des Fonds to Saignelegier 07.12.2017

Sihltalbahn Giesshübel to Wiedikon 01.12.2017

John Lovda


Am 14.03.2017 um 15:38 schrieb jlovda@yahoo.com [SwissRail]:
Regarding Uetliburg Bahn, look here:
Uetliburg isn't very far from Uetliberg but it has no railway, or, to be precise, the railway is far under Uetliburg in the Ricken tunnel.

This is only to say, be careful with mixing up letters in names. You might end up in the wrong corner of Switzerland. There was once a story in a staff paper where a station master told the story of travellers arriving from far with one of the last trains on Christmas eve, hopefully to meet their relatives. But they didn't spell the name of the station correctly and had no chance to arrive where they really wanted to be on that day. The station master had a heart and took them with him...

Markus, G�rbetal

John Lovda

Sorry for the spelling. I spelled it correctly on Flickr (it is painted on the side of the coach) but incorrectly in my message here.