Remaining Ee 3/3

Martin Baumann

16515 was withdrawn 18.02.2020

It has now been acquired by DSF and is currently stored at Oensingen. Number Ee 97 85 1 932 515-0 CH-DSF has been put on it.


Am 30.04.2020 um 01:35 schrieb gordonwis via
I've noticed the Chur ones, anyone know what is special about Chur
that it still needs Ee3/3?
11 kV of RhB is special in Chur. Modern 15 kV locomotives are not allowed to work under 11 kV unless they are allowed to do so. If I'm not mistaken, some Vectrons got such a modification.

Old Re 4/4" or Ee 3/3 simply work a bit slower, but they work.

Markus, Gürbetal


I've noticed the Chur ones, anyone know what is special about Chur that it still needs Ee3/3?

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Martin Baumann

16362 withdrawn 10.10.2017

16383 still active Chur

16388 withdrawn 02.05.2017

16393 withdrawn 03.04.2018

16406 still active Bellinzona at one end has a FLIRT coupler

16408 (+ 27.03.2019 ) sold to RUMA Wasen in Emmental. Their other loco, 16403, is now stopped with scrap tyres

16410 still active Chur

16430 withdrawn 15.10.2018

16440 withdrawn 18.02.2020. It was being taken from Zürich to St Gallen (unclear if hauled or on its own) when it was stopped at Effretikon with a hotbox.

16447 withdrawn 31.12.2017

16451 withdrawn 01.07.2017

16460 on paper withdrawn 14.08.2019 but had in fact been scrapped at Kaiseraugst in April 2019

16515, the last ex SNCF Ee 3/3 II was withdrawn 18.02.2020. It had been works shunter at Yverdon since 2012

Ee 934 (Ee 3/3 IV)

934 553 and 934 555 are still on the books but stored in Geneva

934 556 is allocated to Basel but only used infrequently

Martin Baumann

16388 is now withdrawn. SBB Historic are using it for parts to keep their 16399 running

Martin Baumann

16456 was withdrawn 28.02.2017

Martin Baumann

The Zürich locos only see occasional use when a 923 is not available but still occasionally get swapped with Chur.  16447 was recently transferred from SBB-P Bellinzona to Infra and 16406 could follow as there is now no work for Ee 3/3 in Bellinzona. 16451 only sees sporadic use in Basel

16362 SBB-P Zürich
16383 SBB-P Chur
16388 SBB-P Zürich
16393 Works shunter Yverdon
16406 SBB-P Bellinzona not in use
16408 SBB-P Biel
16410 SBB-P Zürich
16430 SBB-P Zürich
16440 SBB-P Chur
16447 SBB Infra Lausanne Triage
16451 SBB-P Basel
16456 SBB Infra Lausanne Triage
16460 SBB-P Brig
16515 Works shunter Yverdon