Timetable 2020 online

Martin Baumann

As of today the Swiss timetable valid from 15.12.2019 is available in the SBB journey planner

As is usual at this time of year there may be periods of unavailability and not all local bus services are included yet.


Martin Baumann

www.zvv.ch already has local transport in its journey planner including the Geneva tram extension to Annemasse, Parc Montessuit which opens 15.12


Since I've been linked to the area by family for 59 years I have had a play with some cross-Geneva itineraries that would have taken yonks in the past, for example north suburbs (eg UN, WHO HQ) to La Roche sur Foron (Haute Savoie). TPG bus for Leman Express Train - journey just over 1 hour!