BLS EWIII Consists


This photo appears to show an EWIII AB. I was not aware that any coaches had been modified:

Was this a former EWIII A or what coach was converted and how many were transformed?


Mike C

Martin Baumann

That is either 50 85 81-34 007-4 or 008-2 They are classified ABS (AB with Conductor compartment) and were rebuilt as follows:

007-4 ex A 50 85 18-34 013 released 09.12.2005

008-2 ex A 50 85 18-34 004 released 23.06.2006

The two ABS coaches have 17 first class seats and 37 standard seats.

They can only be operated with driving trailer 997/998 due to electrical differences from the other EW III.


Thanks for the update.
Are they used on the Interlaken-Zweisimmen route or on the Bern-Neuchatel one?


Mike C


On Wikipedia (FR), it mentions that 4 EWIII A were converted. 2 into Bt Pilot coach and 2 into ABS, so that BLS could offer 6 complete push-pull consists.
I am guessing that Bt 997/998 are the two Steuerwagen converted from EWIII A. Can you confirm?
The regular AD have connections for power (to the lok) as well as normal coupling at one end.
I am guessing that the ABS have also had some modifications at the locomotive end. From the photo, I cannot tell how much modifications have been made.


Mike C


Am 28.01.2020 um 19:04 schrieb csipromo via Groups.Io:
Are they used on the Interlaken-Zweisimmen route or on the
Bern-Neuchatel one?
They do not have the Golden Pass inscriptions and are now usually coupled to an Re 465, but carry coach numbers (reserved seats) for use on the Interlaken - Zweisimmen line. Monday/Tuesday an Re 465 consist replaces an Re 420 in trains 4069, 4072, 4077 and 4080. They also do all Spiez - Frutigen trains 6759...6784.

BLS needs 5 Re 465 and 2 Re 420 but it would be possible to have 9 complete consists. Consists are
Re 420 - AD - A - A - B - B - Bt9
Re 465 - AD - A - B - B - B - Bt9
Re 465 - ABS - A - B - B - B - Bt8
coach n° [01][11][20][21][22][23]

Bt9 = Bt ex B with 9 windows
Bt8 = Bt ex A with 8 windows

The ABS have 3 first class windows but the 5 remaining windows are second class instead of luggage compartment of the AD. 6 AD 000-005 were originally built as AD and have 3 compartments and side corridor. The seventh AD 006 had been rebuilt from an A by SBB (when the Bt ex B were rebuilt) and this one has open seating in first class.

Another speciality are B 030-032 rebuilt from A with only 8 windows and corresponding seating. B 032 has been reclassified A 032 but kept 2+2 seating. I haven't seen these three coaches recently. Maybe they are dumped in Interlaken Ost.

One train has Kambly special livery, that's
Bt 990 - B 009 - B 007 - B 005 - A 002 - AD 002

Coaches for three Re 420-consists got Golden Pass inscriptions. From my sightings these are
Bt 992, 993, 994
AD 001, 003, 004
A 010, 011, 018, 020, 022, 024
B 002, 008, 015, 020, 021, 023

It has happened that a single Golden Pass coach was in a normal consist and vice versa.

Until December 2019 the replacement set for Re 420 consists was
RBDe 565 729 - B 540 - AB 423 - A 403 - ABt 969, all with Golden Pass logo. AB 423 has been declassified all second class and is now used with RBDe 566 238 and ABt 938 (ex-RM) on Thun - Burgdorf - Solothurn. It still is numbered as an AB.

RBDe 729, B 540 and ABt 969 are now working with Jumbo B 602 in S-Bahn services, still carrying the Golden Pass logo.

These changes were made to free some MUTZ RABe 515 for IR Bern - Biel. I don't expect them to last longer than Dec. 2020.

Markus, Gürbetal