EWII in Swiss express livery

Chris Lee


Recently I have obtained a roco model 45314 EWII B in Swiss Express livery
(50 85 20-34-630-7) with a yellow triangle mark at both ends.

Just wonder for the prototype, was this car specially modified to go with
Swiss Express EWIII push-pull set?

Also, I noted the generator on the boogie was not included, was it removed
during the modification?




Hi Chris,

The correct number for the EWII B in Swiss Express colours was 45313. It was a special Roco model issued for Roco Schweiz and was available through Swiss dealers.
As far as I remember, the model came with the usual parts for that model, including the steps, handrails, chassis parts, hoses and generator.

This coach was used to test the Swiss Express livery. The only photos that I have seen had this coach in use alongside regular EWI/EWII and not with the EWIII consists. I managed to find this photo in the P Sutter archives at www.polier.ch: http://www.polier.ch/images/archiv/Sutter/normal/SBB/20/SBB.20-03/SBB-20-116.jpg

Gallery: http://www.polier.ch/page/archiv/Sutter/normal/SBB/20/SBB.20-03.htm
Main site: http://www.polier.ch/page/archiv/Sutter/Sutter.htm

Note: I believe that 45314 was a model of an ex-DB NS IC-K coach


Mike C

Hans L.

No, this car was only a prototype for the SwissExpress livery. It remains equipped with standard screw-couppling and was unable to roll with EWIII equipped with automatic coupling. Despite the livery, it was a full standard EWII.
On all EWII, generators were removed and the power was supplied through the locomotive.
You can use your modell in the middle of a green train of EWI / EWII.


Am 29.01.2020 um 11:03 schrieb Chris Lee:
EWII B in Swiss Express livery (50 85 20-34-630-7)
There was a second coach in this livery;
50 85 20-34 538, but only 1972-75

Coach 630 had the SwissExpress livery 1973-89.

The aim was to test different types of colour.

Markus, Gürbetal


In the Loki book (booklet?) on the Re 4/4II, there was a photo of a Swiss Express prototype, which looked like the TEE Lok but with different colours. It was finally decided to have the grey area as a stripe rather than having it look similar to the TEE design. I don't recall ever seeing that locomotive, nor any of the test coaches when I was in Switzerland from 1971-72.
The first time I heard anything about the "Swiss Express" was in the SBB Calendar, perhaps 1974-75, which had photos of the initial consists. It peaked my interest enough so that I ordered the Hag model and the Liliput coaches when I learned about them.


Mike C


Am 30.01.2020 um 16:49 schrieb csipromo via Groups.Io:
In the Loki book (booklet?) on the Re 4/4II, there was a photo of a
Swiss Express prototype, which looked like the TEE Lok but with
different colours.
This can't be a photo, rather an animated picture. Or it was taken in the workshops before paint job was terminated.

Re 4/4" 11103 was presented on 20.06.1972 together with the prototype coaches. These coaches had other bogies than the series and the very obvious difference was, that they had the first footstep attached to the carbody and not to the bogie.

50 85 18-34 000 (later reused in departmental stock)
50 85 18-34 001 (later reused in departmental stock)
50 85 29-34 000 (now CH-BLS)

One year later they were joined by dining car
50 85 88-34 000 (since scrapped)

Attached is a small extract from EA 8/1972, photo by Walter Trüb. Bogie of B 000 and A 010, photo Markus Giger

Markus, Gürbetal