SBB Cargo Re6/6 locomotive colors


Agree with all responses so far. Re6/6 still be outshopped in full Cargo livery - including quite a few new to the livery


No, it is still there, but in "dark grey".

This loco (as many Re 6/6 and Re 4/4 II) needs an intensive cleaning


On Wed, Jul 1, 2020 at 11:35 PM, John Lovda wrote:
It looks more to me like it got very dirty. has a number of photos of Re 6/6 (620) which have recently received revisions/repaints, complete with the Cargo markings:

The only exception AFAIK is the X-Rail locomotive, which received a modified livery compared to it's original.


Mike C

John Lovda

I saw this photo on FLICKR today. Is the big word "Cargo" being removed from all Re6/6's?