Dispozug Lausannne / Re4/4 wanderings

David Prior

>>>>>> On 21 Jul 2020, at 15:59, Gbgen wrote:
Some Re4/4 that were formerly working off Lausanne have been seen on Zurich diagrams recently, including 11157, 11191 and 11196.
On 21 Jul 2020, at 21:30, David Prior wrote:
11157, 11158, 11159, 11191, 11198 all noted working out of Basel (except 11191 which was in Zürich) in recent months.
To update on gbgen’s comment which was circulated in July.

With the lack of work further south there has been a notable increase in Basel appearances from those Re4/4 that previously served the Lake Geneva peak hour trains.

In Sept alone, the following were seen in Basel, the majority on service trains, occasionally only stabled (but assumed to have simply been between passenger duties). The date is the first sighting/report in September; multiple visits were made by some but these are ignored for readability. Twelve of the eighteen are recorded, -and that with still about 50% of the days in home Office.

11156. 08th
11157. 14th
11158. 08th
11159. 15th
11161. Not recorded
11164. 15th
11172. Not recorded
11181. Not recorded
11191. 21st
11192. 10th
11193. Not recorded
11194. Not recorded
11195. 10th
11196. 11th
11197. Not recorded
11198. 18th
11199. 08th
11200. 26th

Typically, of only 6 not noted in the month, both my last two are included. Can anyone please provide a current location or operations of 11172 and 11194 ?