Luzern station tunnel project update

Mick Sasse

An interesting update on this very ambitious project:



How exactly will this project work? Trains coming in from the Gotthard, Zurich, Bern and Olten all feed in from the southwest. An underground through station would most likely pass underneath the Bahnhof and then exit on the other side of the Reuss, running northeast along the shore towards the Transport Museum, Meggen, Küssnacht and Immensee, thus creating the through passage. Anything else would have to loop back in order to link up with the tracks to Rotkreuz/Zug/Zurich, Olten and the Emmental route to Bern.
At present, the Immensee route is used for regional traffic from Immensee to Luzern and also for northbound traffic from the Gotthard to Luzern HB.


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There is a great map of the route and some detail about it here:

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How exactly will this project work?


Essentially a very simple route, as it's a tunnel the bends required wont be a problem

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