Barley for Brauerei Feldschlösschen at Rheinfelden


Another glimpse over the bridge at Muttenz.
A regular train into Basel Muttenz from France is a weekly train of malting barley for 
Brauerei Feldschlösschen at Rheinfelden from Les Malteries Franco-Belges (now owned by
Groupe Soufflet) at Brazey-En-Plaine. Last year this ran as 44561 (SO) to Basel Muttenz D and 44562 (MO) from Basel Muttenz G, the empties from Rheinfelden to Muttenz G ran as 62052 (FO).The consist is Uagps 33 87 933x (polybulk wagons) owned by Groupe Soufflet and is hauled by a SNCF/Akiem 370xx to and from Basel.Up to early 2018 this was a Europorte service which brought 37 5xxs to Muttenz and was FO in both directions. A very slick operation, loaded train into Muttenz D,detach loco, run light engine to Muttenz G, attach to waiting empties and off.