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Chuck Higdon

Hi, my friend Doug asked me for some help.  I do not have a clue, but if any of you could help, a bug thanks.


Now, I could use a little help.............on the RBDe4/4 Electric MU sets (Collibri Zug, New Pendel Zug etc)............


When the design came out in the mid-80s........there were 4 prototypes (sets 2101-2104) which were painted a yellow-gold and purple...........I was able to catch pictures of these coming and going when I "staked out" the platforms at Zurich. 

The "production" sets of the RBDe4/4 power and control trailer sets had not yet begun on my 1984 visit....the fleet came on a year or two later.  There were "prototype" sets that had a couple of color schemes...........the white/blue stripe/yellow doors became the fleet colors...I heard about

another scheme that was dark green stripe on a light lime green car body.......


.......were there any others?? and where can I find pictures of them????





Thanks for whatever help you can provide.

Chuck Higdon



The yellow and purple trains were RABDe 8/16 for the Zürich-Rapperswil Gold Coast line.
AFAIK they were not prototypes for the NPZ, but rather a separate series.
The NPZ were built a year or two later and unlike the earlier RBe 4/4, the motor unit was developed with only a cab at one end.
Unlike the RABe 12/12 (Mirage), the New Pendelzug was designed as a RBDe 4/4 and ABt pilot coach.

There were four prototypes of the NPZ units, each one was painted in a slightly different colour.
The first one was light green and dark green with red doors
The second one was light green and dark green with a red front and red doors
The third one was off-white with a blue band with red front and red doors
The fourth one was off-white with a blue band with a white front and yellow doors

SBB users were invited to vote for their favorite design and the third design was chosen, albeit a decision was made to paint the doors yellow.

Over time, the design mutated (2nd Series) and the blue band widened at the front and rear of the unit, which also became the standard livery for the RBe 540 and corresponding pilot coaches.
This is what the second series looked like: https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/RBDe_560#/media/Fichier:SBB_RBDe_560_109.jpg

This was the first 2100: http://www.railfaneurope.net/pix/ch/SBB_CFF_FFS/electric/emu/RBDe560/green/SBB_RBDe44_2100.jpg
This was the second 2101: http://www.railfaneurope.net/pix/ch/SBB_CFF_FFS/electric/emu/RBDe560/green/SBB_RBDe44_2101.jpg
This was the third 2103: http://www.polier.ch/images/archiv/Sutter/normal/SBB/10/SBB.10-08/SBB-10-356.jpg
This was the livery of the fourth (2104): http://www.polier.ch/images/archiv/Sutter/normal/SBB/10/SBB.10-08/SBB-10-376.jpg


Mike C


Unfortunately, many of the websites which existed during the initial heyday of the internet are no longer active.
Among the sites which still have a lot of older photos are:

www.polier.ch (especially P Sutter's section) http://www.polier.ch/page/archiv/Sutter/Sutter.htm
This site also has a decent selection of photos from the 1980s:
There are some 50 pages. You have to go through them to see the photos. There is no directory.

I have the flyer for the 1984 Liliput New Items, which had photos of the four prototypes. I will see if I can scan it.


Mike C

Martin Baumann

SBB withdrew the NPZ prototypes in 2008 and sold them to other operators:

560 000 ex 2100 Onesingen-Balsthal Bahn 207 out of service defective since October 2019
560 001 ex 2101 Montafonerbahn Austria ET10.122
560 002 ex 2102 CJ 560 141 out of service requiring a Revision since 2018
560 003 ex 2103 Montafonerbahn Austria ET10.121


Am 26.02.2021 um 17:58 schrieb csipromo via groups.io:
The fourth one was off-white with a blue band with a white front and
yellow doors

This livery had the blue stripe only as high as the windows. As AB EW II
and B EW I didn't have the windows at the same height, it produced a
strange picture.

EW I 1900 mm above railhead
EW II 1820 mm above railhead

Picture attached is from SBB Reisezug- und Gepäckwagen 1985.

Markus, Gürbetal